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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Congressional Three-For-All at Lafayette Monday Night

On Monday night, the LV's three Congressional candidates - Charlie Dent, John Callahan and Jake Towne - will mix it up in their first "debate" this campaign season. They'll be at Oechsle Hall, Room 224 on the campus of Lafayette College. Doors open 6:45 PM. (Directions are here).

I use quotation marks because the LV League of Women Voters is one of the two sponsors. They do deserve some credit for organizing this exercise in democracy, but I've attended enough of their forums to realize we'll be lucky if they ask even one relevant question. I've already attended a debate where one of these self-important moderators was wearing not one, but two, name tags. She even had a black whistle around her neck. When she spoke, I thought she was giving us acting lessons.

Traditionally, candidates are prohibited from questioning each other. Direct questions from the unwashed masses are a no-no. You have to write them on a little white card, and only softballs are allowed, questions like "What's your favorite color?"

Kinda' defeats the purpose.

Still, it's their first encounter so I'll be there. As I do every year, I'll be sure to write about four or five questions that end up in the trash can.


Anonymous said...

Permission to Post:
A week ago someone posted a story about a U.S. Congresswoman awarding scholarships to her family and friends. Now we discover, she was not alone.

Courtesy: Politico.com
"Seeking to head off a scandal, Rep. Sanford Bishop will repay the costs of college scholarships he gave to his stepdaughter and wife’s niece in 2003 and 2005, the Georgia Democrat’s campaign spokesman said Friday in a statement. The scholarships were part of a program run by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the charitable arm of the congressional caucus for African-American lawmakers. Each CBC member is provided $10,000 annually to hand out to qualified applicants."

Anonymous said...

It's the most ethical Congress in history according to soon-to-be-former Speaker Pelosi. Criticizing crooked blacks is just plain racist by today's standards (which reveal the true bias of those who expect blacks to steal for "their own kind").

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can encourage another 3-candidate debate in Allentown for
the many voters who cannot make it to Easton.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There will be two in Allentown, one at Muhlenberg and another at Cedar Crest.

Anonymous said...

Since the Jake Towne diversion didn't work, I wonder if Rep Dent will have his mother call him in sick?

Anonymous said...

I want to hear Charlie boast of voting with Obama to bail out connected banks. It was his best vote.