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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Callahan's Bethlehem Record - Deficits

Charlie Dent's latest TV ad focuses on Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan's poor fiscal record in Bethlehem, where he even stiffed its library last year to the tune of $400,000

Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan has been contradicted by his city’s auditor, his predecessor and political mentor, and a Democratic Councilman. But candidate Callahan still claims his fiscal management of Bethlehem is mahvelous, simply mahvelous.

More recently, city auditors discovered that Callahan’s budget ended up $2.7 million in deficit in 2008, a figure which grew to a total $8.5 million by the end of 2009.

Callahan has left millions in unpaid bills and moved money from various city accounts illegally, without Council approval, to cover payments. Even a new firetruck had to sit, unused, because the City was unable to pay for it.

And Callahan has increased spending by 54 percent in those six years.

According to a Dent news release, Callahan’s record of fiscal mismanagement is important because he promises to do the same thing in Washington. Help like that we don't need.

"John Callahan needs to come clean about his record in Bethlehem and his plan to increase spending and raise your taxes,” said Congressman Charlie Dent. “If John Callahan can’t be truthful about his own record, he can’t be trusted on his plans for Washington.”

For more about this ad, see Pennsylvania Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Dent has never had a non-negative ad. Why?
Answer: He has no accomplishments to put into an ad, so he must resort to attack ads.

Anonymous said...

With experts expecting this year's election having the most negative ad's in history, I wonder if people will go against the negativity. Seems this year has been anti-trend as seen through the primaries. These ad's may have a negative effect on the candidates/incumbents who are putting them out, regardless of the message.

Anonymous said...

Moderate Charlie is one of the most vicious campaigners around. Have no fear. If he wins and his fellow whackadoodle republican candidates actually gain seats in Congress they will save the Republic. They will solve all of our problems and lead us to utopia in no more than a few weeks once the party of no's brilliant solutions are implemented.


Bernie O'Hare said...

"Moderate Charlie is one of the most vicious campaigners around."

Where have you been? Do you think Dent is supposed to roll over and hand his seat to a guy who has driven Bethlehem $8.5 MM in the hole. Dent has said there are only two ways to campaign - hard or unopposed. Stop whining.

Anonymous said...

Dent should tell me why to vote for him. Instead, all he ever does is tell me why not to vote for the other guy.

Congressman Dent, why should the people of the 15th vote for you? Tell us what you have done to make out lives better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:29, That is one question you won't get answered. Dent with the help of hitman Millan have always run on attack ads. A few puff ads with mandatory shots of wife and kids but that is about it. Same strategy in every campaign.

He can tell you how he voted to try and have insurance companies deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions and to limit the amount of coverage you get in life threatening situations.

These two O'Hare mancrushes have never really run a positive campaign.