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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ron Shegda, Jesus in Disguise

Yesterday, I told you that Hellertown wing nut Ron Shegda has finally been kicked out of the LV Tea Party. At their September 10 meeting, he was caught handing out copies of his latest CD, entitled "Ron Shegda for PA State Rep 136th." It even includes some of his biggest hits, like "Two Minutes of Wisdom with Ron Shegda" and "This Ron's for You!" He continued passing out CDs and political flyers after being asked to stop.

But Ron has an explanation. He's Jesus in disguise. I guess he can probably go back in time and erase this unhappy event and, while he's at it, this blog. Here's his rambling explanation, which strangely makes perfect sense to me.

"Friends, This is both harsh and anonymous. Accusers should not stand behind a French Revolution-style "Organizing Committee." Believe it or not, I am a sentient soul and recognize the writer! Very doctrinaire!!

"You expel one of Your own, present from Day 1. I have likely brought in more Members to LVTea than anyone. My name is Jesus in disguise!

"I have not 'continually ignored' warnings. No one has been more respectful. Except . . . I relied on inter-personal affections, and wanted to share, while asking with eye contact, privately, interpersonally, our new CD, when I had to go.

"The plan was enjoyment not ugliness. Jesus knew that on the cross.

"Does LVTea forego interpersonal affections? Moses faced the same problem with his Right Arm, Joshua. Joshua was 'The Rules Man.'

"Do You condemn me for my right to hand out Flyers OUTSIDE the building? I privately asked Julian [Stolz] [no relation to Joshua or Moses] if he could do the same with the remaining Flyers after the meeting. I had to go and my Disabled Sister was sick and hungry at home. Yes, a Down Lady has supported the Tea Movement more than You know! She was on the phone with me when I saw the Flyers on a table inside which I previously gave Julian discreetly. But my Sister was crying and I kept walking. I should have picked them up. Shame on me!

"3 Traits of a Christian (from my forthcoming book):
1) Always in trouble.
2) Never afraid.
3) Wildly happy.

"Community Yes! Government Less. RonS
Candidate, PA House of Representatives"

So the local Tea Party has just dumped a Christian who's even writing a book about it. Shegda, using his disabled sister as a prop, claims that she had called him from home, crying and hungry. No cookies. Funny thing. I saw her at that meeting, so I don't know how the hell she could have been at home. But I forgot. Ron Shegda is Jesus in disguise.


Anonymous said...

I think he has confused three traits of a Christian with three traits of a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

As wacky as he is, he's still a vast improvement on the perfectly worthless incumbent.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Alrighty then.

Jon Geeting said...

This is seriously nutty stuff. I can't believe I'm reading this. Why wouldn't he just apologize for being overbearing and move on?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Jesus in disguise does not apologize.

Donna Baver Rovito said...

While I support the decision of the local tea party group to expel Shegda in order to protect our non-profit status, as well as that of our host, the Chrin Center, I have to say that whoever sent the private communication that Ron Shegda sent to several members of the local group to anyone outside of the group, particularly a media source, should be ashamed.

It was a private communication from someone who was obviously distressed, and should not have been made public, whether people agreed with his actions or not.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Shegda is running for publc office and a communication like that, which was NOT a private email, needs to be shared with the peole who vote.

Donna Baver Rovito said...

We must have a difference of opinion on what constitutes a "private" email.

To me, it's something sent to an indivivdual or group of people with an expectation that it will not be sent beyond that individual or group of people.

I acknowledge that those receiving it have the option of passing it along, as everything sent via email might be sent along, and obviously someone did.

I take issue not with the fact that Bernie published it, having obviously received it from someone in the group, but with the very poor taste that prompted someone to forward it to him FOR publication.

Alan Earnshaw said...

The best rule I've heard about e-mail is if you would be embarrassed posting something on the break room bulletin board, don't put it in an e-mail. The "forward" button is just too easy to use.

Anonymous said...

Shegda is a dope, but isn't he essentially running unopposed, in the wake of Freeman's death.

Won't there be a special election to fill the seat unless Freeman can fog a mirror and complete a coherent thought?

This district has gone without live representation for too long. It's time to end the Bob "Weekend-At-Bernie's" charade.

c said...

Shegda really wrote that?

Jeeze...the poor bastard...his mind must be a scary place.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, he did really write those words. It must not be easy being Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie O'Harebrained. What is your problem? Always making fun of Shegda's sister.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I am now thinking about becoming a Christian. Way more fun than the tea baggers make it out to be.