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Monday, September 27, 2010

LV State House Delegation: Altar Boys & Choir Girls

If Monkey Momma thinks it's hopeless, odds are that many of you second that emotion. Here's her reaction to last week's post about State Rep. Jennifer Mann's love affair with engineering and architectural colossus Vitetta:

"Oh Bernie, it's just business as usual. Why does this type of thing surprise anybody? Why else would a politician BE a politician,u if not to make deals that benefit friends and family?

"Obviously, Mann's relationship with Vitetta is inappropriate and unethical. But, who are we kidding? This happens ALL THE TIME with all politicians. It's hopeless. Mann is just a teeny tiny symptom of a whole system gone wrong."

Monkey Momma, take heart. Statements of financial interest, which are posted online for all state elected officials every year, reveal that the LV delegation to the state house, both Republican and Democrat, are mostly altar boys and choir girls.

It's really sad.

They must report the following: all real estate transactions involving the state or a local government; all sources of income in excess of $1,300; all sources of gifts that aggregate $250; and all transportation, lodging or hospitality in excess of $650.
I've looked at the latest reports filed by Karen Beyer, Joe Brennan, Doug Reichley, Steve Samuelson, Bob Freeman, Rich Grucela, Marcia Hahn, Julie Harhart, Gary Day andJennifer Mann. Other than Mann, none of them is a consultant for anyone. Karen Beyer and Joe Brennan actually list their spouses's employers. Steve Samuelson, Marcia Hahn and Julie Harhart report having no outside income at all. Doug Reichley and Rich Grucela list county pensions. Bob Freeman lists income from Lehigh University from a Bethlehem rental property. Marcia Hahn did win a raffle at Mount Airy Casino.

The only report that concerns me - other than Mann herself - is Gary Day's outside income from the Estate of Fred Jaindl. Blogger Dave Najarian actually raised that question over two years ago, but I don't know hat he ever got an answer. Jaindl used to threaten to build quarries and turkey farms unless local governments allowed him to build McMansions.

Unfortunately, when people like Mann or Day do begin moonighting, the state does not require them to reveal the actual sums being paid. I asked Mann, and she flat out refused to tell me te exact amount she is getting from Vitetta.

All deny receiving any gifts ($250 or more). The only state house member who allowed anyone to pay for transportation and lodging is Jenn Mann. She reports $1037.15 in transportation costs paid by DLC.

Are you telling me these yo-yos never scored tickets to a Phillies or Eagles game? (I could understand the lack of interest in the 76ers). Not even once? This is sad.

I hope this makes you happy, Monkey Momma. It makes me feel like shit. I'd be much happier if I could prove they're a coven of devil worshippers, like Christine O'Donnell. All of their license plates do end in "666".
Updated 11:30 AM: The Lehigh County payment to Doug Reichley is NOT a pension payment. He's much too young and handsome for that. According to sources within Lehigh County, it was a one-time payment for some legal work having nothing to do with Reichley's state house position.


Anonymous said...

How much money do people need? That's really what this comes down to. Allentown city employee Easterling must have made a very nice salary and yet felt the need to borrow more of the people's money. Mann, although apparently with Harrisburg approval, accepted private corporate funds receives nearly $80K a year. Did
Mann's supporters know about her second job? Doubt it.

Anonymous said...


The link for Marcia Hahn goes directly to Mount Airy Casino's web site. Not sure if you intended that as a joke for her raffle winnings, but you may want to link directly to her online ethics form instead.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That was inadverdent. Will fix.

monkey momma said...

Thanks for trying to make me feel better, Bernie! I really appreciate it. Still, I remain a steadfast cynic. I do think, though, that our elected officials would be a whole lot more willing to make deals under the table if we didn't have blogs like this keeping an always watchful eye.

It is very telling that Mann is the only consultant of any of the folks you researched. How odd. I hope the others don't follow in her footsteps, although I am sure it's quite lucrative.

Anonymous said...

The only report that concerns me - other than Mann herself - is Gary Day's outside income from the Estate of Fred Jaindl. Blogger Dave Najarian actually raised that question over two years ago

The answer I got was a tongue lashing from some for asking the question in public. The tongue lashing caused me to resign as GOP committee person as I am a voter first. I then asked the question privately and got also no answer. I am persona-non-grata in the party methinks.

It could be something. It could be nothing. The fact that I have no answer worries me the most, but there are bigger fish to fry.

Bernie O'Hare said...