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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ron Shegda's "Micro-Business" : Pa. Unemploymnet

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse whenever I write about state house candidate Ron Shegda, aka Jesus in Disguise. According to his campaign site, he's a "micro-business owner." Well, you must need a magnifying glass to see that business. His ethics statement reveals his main source of income is Pennsylvania unemployment.


Anonymous said...

Wow Bo, this makes him easier to kick, he doesn't move as fast when he's down. Good job.

Anonymous said...

In this world we live in with rogue nations trying to get nuclear capabilities the constant fighting in the middle-east the soldiers getting killed in Afghanistan and the corruption at the highest level of politics in American history you have to pick on Ron Shegda?

I thought all men were created equal, not so, a has been that writes a local blog that I accidentally stumbled upon!

A true bottom feeder Bernie no conscience no life O'hare!

I also love the disclaimer, commenting is a privilege not a right ? The gestapo tactics don't work here or do they Adolph?

Anonymous said...

There are many elected officials I which were unemployed. So what is the issue?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The issue is that his statement f financial interest claims he is unemployed but his campaign page claims he is a micro-business owner. It's deceptive.

Anonymous said...

Can a business owner who makes not enough money to pay himself still be a business owner?

What a person is, and where he makes his money can be different. I know full time Mom's who work part-time, does that make them NOT Moms?

Anonymous said...

Bob Freeman didn't work for years before he finally, silently passed.

Incredibly, Shegda still represents an improvement for the district.

Jon Geeting said...

Sounds like an unsustainable business plan.

Anonymous said...

Shegda could be no worse than the late Bob Freeman. Since the seat has been vacant for years, it is about time someone fills it.