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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Will Hillary Kwiatek Be Lehigh County's Next Comm'r?


Anonymous said...

In the true spirit of bi-partisanship, one group is asking for good candidates to step up, but only if they are Democrat first.

What gives? This true, only Democrat candidates will be considered?

Anonymous said...

It is the law. The person resigning must be replaced by a person of the same political party.

Anonymous said...

The answer to Ohares question is, NO!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be very interesting given the amount of $$ Cunningham funneled into the commissioners race.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Cunny bought the seat good and proper. He gets whomever he picks.

Anonymous said...

They won't give it to Hillary. They won't give to either of the D's that ran.

rylock. said...

Anon 9:02,

Why not? (And I don't think McNeill is putting her name in.)

I think they certainly should give it to Hillary. She spent almost a year preparing for almost that exact placement. She'd consistently attended city council meetings since she's gotten involved (probably more than Eckhart from what it seems) and she really knows her stuff. I see no reason why they shouldn't give it to her.

Now, if you're saying that they wouldn't give it to her (not that they shouldn't), that's more understandable. It's possible that they wouldn't give it to her, because she'll need Republican support and Eckhart got really nasty with her during the race. And since Browning funded much of his campaign, I could see him not supporting her either.

Hopefully they'll look past the bitterness and realize that she's the smartest and most qualified.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Rylock, I doubt very much that it will go to Hillary, who alienated too many people during and after this campaign, despite all her hard work. I have a post about another Democrat who I think has a much better shot.

Chris Casey said...

Geoff is head and shoulders above all candidates that might be considered, in my humble opinion.