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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Courage of Michael Vick

Maria Tchijov, Outreach & Communications Coordinator at Change, is promoting a petition drive to deny Michael Vick the Ed Block Courage Award. In just a few days, the petition has already garnered over 5,800 signatures

You can sign it here.


ironpigpen said...

That few?

ironpigpen said...

"It Would Have Taken Courage To Reject An Award For Vick"

Jan 3, 2010

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What the guy did was despicable. But , give me a break. Since then he has been speaking out against animal abuse and working with groups to prevent it. I love animals and was furious when it happened. But it's time to let it go already..Enough!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick should have to wear a shock collar for the rest of his phony, unrepentant, miserable waste of a life. Anyone who supports him or the pile of trash that employs him are just as rotten as the guy who knocked out dogs' teeth with a hammer; slammed others against walls, and drowned poor performers after subjecting them to a tortured existence. We all love to fall back on legalspeak. The guy is free to commit further heinous acts. It's evil to support any part of it. Pieces of shit like Vick don't change.

This man in The Circle said...

I hope and pray that all of you speaking out against Michael Vick, have close to your hearts the treatment of human beings. Life, from conception to natural death, should be top priority over the humane treatment of animals. Just like vunerable animals, human beings in the womb, mentally challenged individuals, and individuals whether elderly or not that face issues of terminal illnesses, also need our voice.

Pro-life is not just about not aborting the unborn; it is protecting life all stages of life.

Not to get all religious and philosophical on you, but humans by nature seek to understand things. They seek this knowledge by a desire driven to gain wisdom of the first principles - Metaphysics. This knowledge can be understood through the things that are most divine. The most divine things in nature are in their rawest form. They have principles and causes associated with them. Man seeks to understand these things and also seeks to understand that he understands to seek them.

By searching far enough, he finds a creator, someone that has caused these things to occur. This is God. God is the most divine. And whereas, God knows himself. But we can only understand certain aspects of the divine. Such as in life, we never can completely have a total knowledge of a thing. If we did, we wouldn't have things like cancer or famine and/or etc.

But we share in this divinity with God - the knowledge/wisdom. Our pursuit in seeking wisdom is natural. We do it because human beings are naturally curious. And we seek knowledge for the pure reason of seeking an understanding in itself. Therefore, if we are made in the image of God and share this knowledge of Divine things, we must then have a precious soul and reason above not only the animals, that have no rational soul, but this important fact that we are each precious among ourselves. The soul has been given onto us and is ours to take care of. Free will. (Aristotle - First Philosophy / Metaphysics)

If you are complaining about inhumane treatment of cats and dogs; I want to hear and see you complain even louder when a human life is murdered.

Peace be with you, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

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