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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Dirty Dozen

As I mentioned yesterday, twelve Democrats have applied for an open seat on the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners. This vacancy, created by Bill Leiner's sudden resignation, is expected to be filled by an appointment made by the entire Board on February 24.

My blogging buddy, Ken Petrini, already has a detailed post with tidbits abut each applicant. He's rooting for Marc Basist, primarily because he just ran for a district seat. While that makes a certain amount of sense, this is an at-large seat, which tends to attract people having countywide appeal.

I've uploaded the information sent by each candidate to Comm'rs, and you can review the dirty dozen yourself. Who do you like?

1. Marc Basist
Basist Resume

2. Geoffrey S. Brace
Brace Resume

3. Bruce A. Brinker

4. John V. Cooney
Cooney Resume

5. John Cramsey
Cramsey Resume

6. Walter Felton, Jr.
Felton Letter of Intent

7. Robert J. George
George Resume

8. William H Hansell
Hansell Resume

9. John R. Hoffman
Hofmann Resume

10. Andrea Landsbach
Landsbach Resume

11. George Speros Maniatty, Jr.
Maniatty Resume

12. Deana M. Zosky
Zosky Resume


michael molovinsky said...

ms. zosky has been a principle activist is safeguarding the little lehigh creek and the valley's water supply. with both the county and city rejecting the DEP attempt to monitor the water situation, her appointment would best serve the public interest.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that this is a very impressive group of people. It will be an exciting process. Hopefully the people of Lehigh County will be well served.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Geoff, I don't know about that Brace guy. :-)

A dozen people is a lot. I wonder whether the committee will be forwarding all names or whether there will be an attempt to whittle it down and eliminate some of the obvious losers.

Anonymous said...

His mother would tell him to clean his room. His girlfriend only keeps him around b/c he can cook. He subsists on vast quantities of coffee. Rumor is that he likes puppies and apple pie.

A dozen people is a lot of people. I anticipate a different process from David Jones' appointment. It should give you plenty to cover.


Jacob said...

I like Geoff or Marc Basist.

I don't know all of the candidates, but I can attest to both of their integrity and honesty and commitment to this region.

Anonymous said...

Not another Community and Econonomic Development type. Haven't enough of these parasites worked their way into local government. I do not endorse Mr. Brace.

They only know how to transfer wealth from taxpayers to fund canopies, brick sidewalks and trees. They have make work jobs and are nothing but tools of the Lehigh Valley Parnership much like the LV Economic Development Corp. Without tax dollars it would dry up and die. No one would notice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! George M. made it all the way up the corporate ladder to Staff Accountant!

Oh...wait a second...that's the entry level to the business, next to janitorial services.

Anonymous said...

I like Geoff Brace and Deana Zosky, but for different reasons. Geoff understands the challenges that Allentown is facing since he lives downtown, I believe. Deana is an amazingly intelligent and capable person with high ideals and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Gotta love that! Both would be an asset to county council.

Anonymous said...

I like the resume of John Cramsey. He is not a career politician or has no polical agenda. He has devoted more time as an unelected politian than anyone I have ever come across. I think it is time to have a person from the community that has the heart and perservance to vote for what is right for the people and not for the party.

Anonymous said...

What's the truth? Who is in Cunningham's back pocket?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I will watch them closely tonight and let you know what I think.