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Friday, January 15, 2010

Reichley Has a Democratic Opponent

Could be worse. State Rep. Karen Beyer may have a primary contest against some Republican who thinks she's way too moderate.


Jacob said...

Pat's a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Beyer is a moderate Thank God..They are a dying breed and they are desperately needed in Government. Too many nut jobs on both sides now...It would be a great loss to the State legislature if she were ousted. If Republicans keep purging their moderates they'll have no one left. I guess that's a good thing!! Look at what Toomey's whack job Club for Growth has done to all the moderates. They have taken many out in the primaries and then their right wingnut jobs lose in the general.. They have been the Democrats best friend!! Go Club for Growth!!

Joe Hilliard said...

Yeah, it would be horrible to have a political party composed of "extremists" who actually think, and govern with the premise that, government is too deep in debt, spends too much and taxes are to high.


Beyer, and many other "moderates", grow government, spend too much, borrow too much and tax too much. There is a political party for such people. They should register with that party.

Bernie O'Hare said...


You really are an extremist. if you formed your own plitical party, it would not be very long before you were the only member. You run around threatening people from your own party who've somehow managed to get elected, but don't really do anything to help any of them get into office. Unless someone agrees with your unusual world view 100%, he is condemned as a heretic.

Thi kind of intolerance is bad for both parties. In your case, you even try to bully the LC Comm'rs into making a totally unnecessary partisan maneuver, that would certainly have caused hard feelings.

I admire your principles but your intolerance has really hurt you.

You have to underastand that even fellow conservatives or Republicans are not going to see things exactly the way you do, and you should have te humility to recognize that, in some instances, their view may be the right one.

For example, you don't know Jack Shit about county government. So it's hard to keep from laughing as you wax on. People like you and Scott Ott, who would reject state money, would end up causing major tax increases.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Hilliard, I concur with the Bernie comments. He alienates too many people with his "tunnel vision."