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Monday, January 25, 2010

LC Comm'r Glenn Eckhart Goes to the Dogs

My feelings about little animals are pretty much the same as about children - I like them if they're properly cooked. Ken Petrini, LVCI and Betty Cauler are much nicer. They've spotlighted a humanitarian resolution penned by Lehigh County Commissioner Glenn Eckhart, asking the state to reconsider Peaceable Kingdom's application as an animal control shelter.

Peaceable Kingdom, unlike the Lehigh County Humane Society, is a lot less likely to euthanize, and provides some old-fashioned competition. Until January 28th, Louie’s Restaurant (on 31st Street in Allentown) will donate 20% of your bill, excluding booze, to Peaceable Kingdom.

I'll have the veal. Or a hot dog.

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monkey momma said...

Another good deed from the blogosphere. Careful! You might earn a reputation of being a pretty nice guy!!!

Thanks for posting on this issue - the monkey family is currently hoping to find a dog at a shelter to come be a part of our family. We'd never think of going to a breeder - shelter dogs make great pets. Kudos to Peaceable Kingdom and all those other shelters that help the helpless animals in our community. (And kudos to those who get the word out about their mission.)