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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Speaker Pelosi: Obama Presented a Vision

"Tonight, President Obama presented a vision to the American people of a stronger union, a new foundation for prosperity, and a thriving middle class. Working together, we will adopt a bold agenda for our economic growth – founded on good-paying jobs, strong schools, quality, affordable health insurance, and critical investments in small businesses and our clean energy future.

"President Obama also presented a comprehensive approach to our first responsibility as public servants: to keep the American people safe. This Congress remains fully committed to working with the President for the security of our nation.

"Despite signs of progress in our economy, too many Americans are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. To put people back to work, we will assist small businesses and invest in infrastructure and clean energy jobs. To ensure a competitive workforce, we will improve the way we educate our next generation.

"In the wake of a crisis borne out of taking risks with taxpayers' money, we will protect Main Street from the excess of Wall Street and restore accountability to the financial sector.

"Addressing a critical challenge for our economy and millions of households, Congress will pass health insurance reform that lowers costs for American families and small businesses, creates jobs, and ends the insurance companies' worst practices.

"Every step along the way, Democrats will demand fiscal discipline – examining unnecessary spending across-the-board, empowering a bipartisan commission to recommend a sustainable fiscal path, and making the pay-as-you-go principles that have been the rule of the House, the law of the land.

"President Obama spoke tonight about the long overdue need to repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and acknowledged the many lesbian and gay service members who serve honorably in our military, and wish to do so openly. We look forward to working with him on this issue of fundamental fairness and supporting the patriotic Americans who serve – and wish to serve – our country in uniform.

"With his powerful words tonight, the President demanded that we fulfill our promise to fight for the interests of America's families, rebuild the keystones of progress, and restore opportunity to every family. Working together, we can realize a vision of growth, security, and economic success for all Americans."


ironpigpen said...

Does Botox give you anything special for advertising their fine work?

They probably should.

You're the 2nd most-read blogger in the Valley, from what I understand.

That's gotta be worth something!


Bernie O'Hare said...

I've been called #2 many times.

Anonymous said...

You live as a #2 every day in every way!

ironpigpen said...

BTW O'Hare :

I was busting either Botox or Pelosi's chops, I'll leave you decide which.

But not yours, just for the record.

The Lehigh Valley is not a region with five people. There are a few blogs out there. Actually, how many, who knows?

I would sincerely say # 2 has to be pretty good.

I now return you to your standard program.

Anonymous said...

She won't Speaker in a year. Our long national nightmare will be over.

The Central Scrutinizer said...

Why wouldn't Pelosi be speaker in a year? She's been highly effective.

Anonymous said...

Here come the sexist comments.

You slobs don't have any of her ability, not 1%. If so you'd have something better to do than be on this washed out, nose-picking, fat slobs blog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You do a fantastic job of being offended by all the sexist comments on this thread, except there are none.

Anonymous said...

That "No 1" blogger simply keeps writing to his own blog to show his popularity.
Wow, what a "No.1" blogger he is.
Vila give me a break.
I can't sign this because the psycho would get after me.

Anonymous said...

You do a fantastic job of being offended by all the sexist comments on this thread, except there are none.

You don't believe the Botox bullshit is sexist?

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Not at all. Botex is available to both men and women, to Republicans and Dems.