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Friday, January 15, 2010

More Cutbacks at The Morning Call?

I honestly don't know what's left.


Jacob said...

I'm sad for the employees but the paper is practically unreadable. They have a few good columnist and local reporters left, after that it is little more than an AP press wire.

The website since it has been changed stinks as well. You are more likely to find pictures from bar hopping than local news.

I think they already have a place for that, its called facebook.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to Betty's site, as I enjoy her perspective, particularly regarding the Mcall.

Unfortunately for the employees (past and present) of the Mcall, along with members of the general public, I foresee a day when it becomes like a Press (Bethlehem, etc.) publication, 1 / week, local news only.

Anonymous said...

I guess my question would be- Is it possible that the paper would still be viable had it remained in local hands (Miller family)? Probably not, but you would have to believe that at the very least, a locally owned paper would see to it that the paper wasn't gutted the way MC has been by Trib. This is indeed sad. We are a fairly large metro area (700,000) and it is imperative that we be represented by not one but minimally two dailies. The Call has fallen to the level of the Globe/Express...that is to say it has shrunken to a horrible extent.

We all suffer as a consequence.


Anonymous said...

I posted this before on another site but it is still relevant.

Lets see how to ruin a newspaper

First we will get rid of the paperboys who deliver the paper and get motor drivers and adults who don't care if it is delivered or not.

Next we replace the local customer phone service operations with a firm in the Philippines. When you call about a missed paper or a billing error, they cannot understand you and you cannot understand them.

Next we change the paper distribution locations so all the carriers have to go a great distance to pick up their papers.

Next we let the carriers deliver later in the morning so that many people get their paper delivered after they have left for work.

Next when a person goes away on vacation and call the Philippine call center to suspend service we then continue to deliver and leave the papers pile up in front of the house while he is away.

Next we have printing press issues all the time so the paper is delivered late or not at all.

Next we begin to charge to put am obituary or engagement notices in the paper.

Next we eliminate covering of the suburb's local government and school board meetings.

Next we eliminate a lot of the comic section that we have had for many years and publish the remaining comics so small you need a magnifying glass to read them.

Next we eliminate the puzzle and some of the games that we have had for many years.

Next we eliminate a comprehensive stock listing and limit most of the financial page coverage.

Next we raise the price of the paper.

Next we get rid of reporters, and cut the editorial staff.

Next we bring in a management team and publisher that in not committed to the reader and servicing the customer only the bottom line.

Next we concentrate on web site revenues and not the print version. Then we make changes to the web site so everyone goes elsewhere.

And the list goes on and on and on and on.

Then when the print circulation goes down we blame everyone and everything else.

I have a solution, fire the management team who has made these dumb decisions and then return the paper to what it was and gave the readers what they want. A morning paper that was delivered on time, contained local and business news not only about the three cities but also the suburbs. And get rid of that customer service call center in the Philippines and have it done locally.

Anonymous said...

Could lousy reporting and lousy management be to blame? Historically they have not treated their advertisers very well either. Obviously people don't see value in their news stories or commentary so they aren't subscribing. The website leaves a lot to be desired as well. Do you think their recent re-investment and multi million dollar upgrade in their printing equipment is at all indicative of the mindset at that newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Sunday, Jan. 10th edition never arrived at readers' doorsteps.
When phone calls made to paper, voice message said there were
equipment problems.

Anonymous said...

Thursday's online Call had a grotesque car accident image. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

And get rid of that customer service call center in the Philippines and have it done locally.

9:52 AM

This blogger is right on target. We cancelled our paper after trying five times to deal with the Philippines call center.

Anonymous said...

"First we will get rid of the paperboys who deliver the paper and get motor drivers and adults who don't care if it is delivered or not."

Our paper "person" who was in high school at the time was so important to us, we cared about his academic successes, gave him small holiday gifts and when he asked us for a scholarship support letter, were all to happy to comply. Now there's no connection whatsoever.

Lower Mack said...

This is the creative destrcution wrought by free market capitalism. And it is good. Those of you reading this comment have decided to spend your scarce news gathering time reading blogs instead of newspapers. The newspaper is frantically trying to adjust. But just like buggy whips they will disappear. And so for that matter will Blogs. That's the nature of business and it reflects people's desire for "cheaper, better" AND IT IS A GOOD THING

ironpigpen said...

Excellent point, Mr. Jacob.

What's up with the bar hopping stuff?

I'm not against bars or pretty girls but...

Anonymous said...

Once the management/ownership transferred out of the area...that was all she wrote. There seems to be no connection to or committment for the community, and the product shows this.

The Internet age has brought much of this on and most 20-somethings prefer to get news and info via personal devices, but how do you explain my 80 year old parents. They closed their subscription after umpteen years because they don't feel they get their money's-worth. Full pages devoted to "We buy your gold" ads; Half page ads for Bill White. All the while, diminished local news and sports...no one covers municipal event/meetings....not even full NBA box scores anymore. Does anyone other than White, Caroenter and Groller even work at MC anymore?


Meanwhile, the last generation who looks forward to reading the morning paper at (with) breakfast is aging...when we are gone, so will an entire industry.