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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Northampton Nine

The Northampton Nine.

That's the phrase Bethlehem Attorney Tom Maloney coined on Friday to describe Northampton County's new bench of nine judges. Maloney was one of the speakers at Craig Dally's formal induction as a judge in historic Courtroom #1, under the watchful eyes of about 350 people.

Everyone loved the baseball metaphor, including President Judge Kim McFadden. "I think we're gonna' run with that," she somberly declared. I don't know whether she plans fielding her team against the IronPigs, but if she does, those robes gotta' go.

Judge Emil Giordano, the bench's sole jock, had an observation of his own. "We're now five- four. Think about that!," the evil Republican said, before he began to laugh maniacally.

Afterwards, one of the judges told me that Giordano has it wrong. "It's actually four-four and one switch hitter."

Update: I've been contacted back channel by a former Lafayette football player who insists Judge Baratta is a jock, too, because he once played basketball for Lafayette and works out and everything. "I guess you missed the superb basketball game this past Saturday when Lafayette hung in there with Lehigh at Stabler until the final 5 minutes. You must have had your head somewhere where you could not see it on TV or the sunshine, for that matter." I did miss that game, but watched Notre Dame's 4th graders beat Lafayette on Friday.


Anonymous said...

A very fitting and well deserved tribute to Dally. I think most people feel the same. Glad to hear you were there Bernie

Anonymous said...

Too bad the Express chose the worse picture they had to publish - where's your brain Beyer?

Anonymous said...

again woopee!

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Apparently, you do, and enough to leave a comment.