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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will "Glenn Beck Show" Appearance Help or Hurt Bruce Gilbert?

According to Sarah Cassi, the show airs on Friday at 5 PM. I don't watch TV, so I miss all the talking heads.


Dave said...

Heard this rumor last night and now it is confirmed. Beck is an idiot as far as I can see and his common man theme's play well with the conservatives and the Sara Palin crowd. His tv sponsorship is dwindling after his racist comments about the president got out. This is a move to regain some cred but it is all a facade. Empty suit and empty head here. Our newest councilman could do better than this!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Morganelli appeared several times on O'Reilly? Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck wears magic underwear

Jacob said...

I can't take people who watch or listen to Beck seriously.

The show is so devoid of any actual information it is scary.

There was on exception when he did a bit on Goldman Sachs and its ties to the government. I think Goldman paid him to do it to discredit a real issue by attaching his name to it.

Greg L said...

This is a thinly veiled attempt by Beck to get shore up his sponsorship dollars. It's merely the second half of an effort to do so. He aired an earlier segment with some African-Americans a month or so ago.

Effectively, Gilbert and others are simply a marketing prop in support of someone else's agenda. I've no problem with conservative African Americans per se, but if there's an actionable agenda they'd like to deploy to help the African-American community, then Beck's show is not the forum to present the ideas as most African-Americans aren't in that show's demographic.

Of course, I'm speaking generally as Gilbert represents Palmer township, so presenting conservative ideals to a black audience might not apply to him as much, but still doesn't alter the fact that he and the others are nothing more than marketing props in support of Beck's agenda.

Anonymous said...

Greg L said "I'm speaking generally as Gilbert represents Palmer township"

No, Gilbert is At -Large. He does not just represent Palmer.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether it will help or hurt him. He's in for four years no matter what..The comical thing is that the pictuire in the express will probably be the first time that most county Republicans realize they elected a Black man..What a shock that will be!!

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

Beck has one of the highest-rated shows on cable TV, the third-largest radio audience, and several best selling books.

Maybe I'm missing something, but how exactly would this appearance hurt Gilbert? I am assuming that Gilbert is a conservative, and his values would be in line with Beck and his audience.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This could help Gilbert among those in his conservative base. But it might hurt Gilbert among more moderate voters, who tend to have a poor opinion of Beck. I have no opinion myself, never having seen him.

ironpigpen said...

I don't care for Glenn Beck and his "sick-twisted freak" spiel.

Having said that, it is funny to watch people freak over Sarah Palin.

In sports, we don't worry so much about players we know who suck and can't score goals.

Seeingst how the left is constantly inside Palin's shirt, it is hard to not conclude the left are genuinely scared of something.

Spin cycle, please.

Anonymous said...

Who is Bruce Gilbert? Seriously, he was elected inspite of anybody knowing anything about him. If my first knowledge of him is via Glenn Beck, it immediately associates him with a man who said the president is a racist.

Sarah Palin? What is she doing now?

Anonymous said...

If he's thinking logically here he would use this as a opportunity to shore up his base of Republican. This is all a part on a larger strategy to infiltrate the Republican Party. He's one of our undercover brothers just like Michael Steele...Go Gilbert GO

ironpigpen said...

What is Sarah Palin doing?

Ask David Letterman.

Or Keith Olberman.

Or Chris Matthews.

Or any standard Mainstrem Media person. In between insults of Palin, they will tell you.

BTW - How are Obama's poll numbers doing today?


Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on what side of the tracks you stand on. If you are pro-Beck and he is pro-Beck with his interview, then he will do well. If you are anti-Beck, and he is anti-Beck in his interview, then he will do well.
Either way, I don't believe he will do much to "rock the boat" with his constituents.

Alfonso Todd

Anonymous said...

Greg L. said...

"Of course, I'm speaking generally..."

Yes, racists generally do. Especially those who purport to know the viewing habits of particular races. I suppose you're happy he doesn't speak in a black dialect and looks clean. Subtle racism is the most insidious kind. Liberals like their blacks needy and in line at all times. God help us end the hatred.

Anonymous said...

Who's Bruce Gilbert? He's part of the new majority that completely battered a majority party of morons who screwed up so royally they couldn't maintain control of a county with an overwhelming voter registration edge. Who's Bruce Gilbert? One of the most popular office holders in the area and a guy who's now making laws for you to live by. Get used to it.

Greg L said...

>>>>>>>Yes, racists generally do. Especially those who purport to know the viewing habits of particular races. I suppose you're happy he doesn't speak in a black dialect and looks clean. Subtle racism is the most insidious kind. Liberals like their blacks needy and in line at all times. God help us end the hatred.<<<<<<<

Huh? I think I must have missed something here that you might be able to clarify for me. What did I say that was racist? What did I say to make you think I was a liberal looking to keep "my blacks needy and in line"?

Greg L said...

>>>>>>No, Gilbert is At -Large. He does not just represent Palmer.<<<<

Thanks for the fact check.

Anonymous said...

Who is that colored feller anyhow?

R. Angle

Joe Hilliard said...

Wow. Here's a radical concept.

Did anyone watch the show, listen to what was discussed and assess Commissioner Gilberts comments?


Bring out the torches!!!! Burn them all!!! The HERETIC!

Please, such narrow minded anti-intelllectualism is unbelievable, though, not unsurprising.

Jacob said...


I've listened to Mr. Beck in the past. Intellectual discourse is not what I heard. If the show's formatt has somehow changed please let me know so I can tune in again.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's discussion was reasoned and measured and addressed an issue other shows and networks won't. Gilbert's a sharp guy.

Anonymous said...

People love to hate Glenn Beck - without really listening to him. If people in general would learn to stop listening to what others tell them to think and start to do their own legwork, they would find the truth.
Glenn Beck touts the Constitution (a real crime) He encourages people to research, learn, think, and ask questions. It seems to me that NOT encouraging these things is the first step in oppression. Maybe Mr. Gilbert understands that.
(it is also amusing to listen to white people call eachother racists as the media dictates - example Glenn Beck is a racist but Harry Reid isn't)

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah Cassi hot?

Anonymous said...

Depends on your taste in reporters