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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Bill Villa Saga Continues

This is the latest installment in the Bill Villa saga. Back in May, this cyber-stalker was convicted of summary criminal harassment before Wind Gap Magistrate Adrianne Masut. He appealed his case to Common Pleas, and it was scheduled for this week. I thought it was today at 8:30 AM. I was wrong. It was actually scheduled for Wednesday.

I was at the courthouse early on Wednesday, blissfully ignorant, until someone called to ask me why I wasn't in court. Apparently, some guy was standing in the hallway, screaming about me an d calling me all sorts of names.

I immediately went down there, to be confronted by a gloating Villa and his attorney, yucking it up, telling me I was too late and that the matter had already been dismissed.

Unbeknown to me, "Father Alex," a Maronite seminarian who lives in D.C., was at the courthouse, too. He apparently had jury duty, after which he was visiting friends from his days as a county employee. Villa spotted him and immediately assumed, incorrectly, that the Padre was there at my request. Villa approached Fr. Alex, extended his hand to shake it. That's nice. But when Father Alex extended his hand in return, 5'2" Villa grabbed it and immediately gave him a forearm to the gut. In the presence of multiple witnesses, he then began shouting that Father Alex is a "piece of shit" who will "burn in hell." He was taunting me, too, but not for long. Security Officer Lance Wheeler ejected both Villa and his lawyer.

I felt an obligation to apologize to the Court for my absence. Fortunately, Judge Stephen Baratta was still considering summary appeals. In open court, I apologized to him and to ADA Mike Thompson, explaining I had been here, but just thought the case was the next day.

Judge Baratta accepted my apology and suggested the case be rescheduled. He requested ADA Thompson to file the appropriate motion, to which Villa will have an opportunity to respond. Because Villa has in no way been prejudiced by my admitted tardiness, I expect the prosecution will continue.

So that's where the matter stands. Villa is by no means cleared, although he seems to think so.

I will not be accepting comments on this subject, which is an ongoing criminal matter. I felt a post was necessary to clear up some disinformation being spewed elsewhere.

Unfortunately, I had requested a witness to appear on my behalf today (he knows who he is), and he took a day of vacation to accommodate me. I've called him to apologize as well.

Finally, I need to apologize to Villa and his attorney for inconveniencing them. This case should be decided on the merits, not my confusion about the court dates.