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Monday, November 24, 2008

Would You Like to Be a Nazareth BürgerMeister?

Four of Nazareth's nine borough council seats are up next year, but it looks like there will probably be only one open seat. Democrats Charles Donello and Jack Herbst and Republican Cindy Werner are reportedly seeking reelection, but Rev. William Matz may be stepping down after seven hundred years of service. The job pays $2,500. In addition to two meetings every month, borough council members sit on nine active committees and fourteen different outfits like the solid waste users group. Their salary translates to about $0.01 per hour, almost as much as blogging.

Mayor Earl Keller's term will expire next year, too. So far, I hear that former borough council member Fred Daugherty and current council member Larry Stoudt will duke it out for a job that pays a whopping $5,000.


Geoff Brace said...

Just to clarify, a BurgerMeister has nothing to do with Hamburgers or Turkey Burgers does it? If it did, I'm game.

Anonymous said...

Is that a cartoon character Angle? Except it looks happier.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Damn, you're right! He even has that suspenders thing going.