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Friday, November 14, 2008

Sam Bennett's Bodyguards

"The dodo bird has landed. I repeat, the dodo is in the nest."

That's Secret Service talk, folks. They use codenames for the people they protect.

According to Morning Call reporter extraordinaire Brian Calloway, former LV Congressional candidate Siobhan "Sam" Bennett, showed up at an election night party with two Secret Service-like dudes. One of them was wearing an earpiece and everything! Local banks must have been concerned she might claim they were folding again.


Anonymous said...

Thank God she's safe.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

you are assuming they were to protect her from us . . . but perhaps the reverse

Anonymous said...

Anon 909am, good point I stand corrected!

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were there to protect her from the people who gave her $850,000 to run one of the poorest and stupidest campaigns for Congress ever seen in the Lehigh Valley.

I know I would want a refund.

Anonymous said...

What a self-important delusional twit!

Thank God she lost.

Anonymous said...

Slamming Mike Fleck and Sam Bennett, both on one day. What, nothing original to write about?
They are the living Dead, politically, but only because you won't let them go.

Anonymous said...

11:20 am --

What? Are you kidding me?

Bennett politically dead?

She still thinks she is a political force (just ask him, if you dare)and, just like Sarah Palin, she is still running around trying to act important.

Maybe that's why she needs those bodyguards!

Somebody needs to tell her to stop and just go away.

Blah Society said...

My assumption…

The bodyguards were hired to protect her against the outrage that would have occurred had she won the election. The earpiece the guard was wearing was a hearing aid intended to help him hear the masses coming from a mile a way; giving him the chance to hide from the rioters.

Anonymous said...

"Thank God she's safe."


Ken Matthews said...

you compare Sam Bennet and Sarah Palin ?

that's some funny stuff.


Anonymous said...

Palin released her governor's security detail for being unnecessary and costly. She is proficient with a variety of firearms and leaves her security to the team of Smith and Wesson. She don't need no stinkin' bodyguards. And she'd likely have prevented the kind of crime Sam ignored on her own doorstep. Sam is unfit to loosen the straps of Sarah's pumps.

Hey now.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was possible to find someone who was more vapid than Sarah Palin.

Then Sam Bennett managed to come in even lower than my lowest expectations!

Anonymous said...

Sam, suffers a big defeat and yet Boonie still has to rub the salt in. A real guardian of good government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:02, Sam Bennett brings security to an election night party, something a sitting US Congressman does not do, and we're supposed to wind and nod at the pretension? People should know this. And as a matter of fact, making sure they do know is one way of protecting good government. I personally don't want to fill it with people who have the pomposity to hire security for a party among their own supporters.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, take down your shameful "Troll Parade" blog:

> http://trollparade.blogspot.com

The Banker