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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Democrats Attack Stoffa for Bipartisan Approach Endorsed by Obama

Throughout his tenure as Northampton County Executive, John Stoffa's biggest enemies have been partisan hacks like Charles Dertinger and Lamont McClure. They have torpedoed several cabinet officials who happen to be Republican. They have only reversed themselves on some of their petty partisan maneuvers - like the appointment of Republican Archie Disidore to Court Services - after being pounded over the head by more reasonable Democrats like state rep. Rich Grucela.

These machine pols don't get it.

Funny thing. They slam Stoffa's bipartisan approach to government, but that's exactly what President-elect Obama claims we need. He hints at Republican appointments to his cabinet. The question should always be who is the best person for the job, not the political affiliation.

People are tired of mindless partisans. That's why Charles Dertinger will lose when he runs at large next year. That's why Lamont McClure only won by 91 votes against an unknown and despite spending a gazillion dollars.


michael molovinsky said...

all the previous 6 comments were written by bill villa. the troll blog was created because of such comments and highjackings by mr. villa. the anonymous comment about villa's daughter was immediately condemned by o'hare (also by myself and others). for villa to sockpuppet my name with support of such a comment is despicable. ironically, most of the comments on the troll blog are by villa himself. villa has caused most of the local blogosphere to resort to moderation.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare you are too funny, Stoffa and Obama. I thought Stoffa the 'Lincoln' mantle was silly but this is great. I have to admit your Stoffa mancrush does provide some laughs.

This "Executive" is without a doubt the most ineffective, incompetent goof who has ever been in that position. They could put a suit on a chimp and sit him there for three years and he would have been more effective.

From day one when McHales committee stopped him from appointing Ms. Gabriel to Council resisting his many hairbrained, half-baked ideas on the Prison, we are lucky to have a Council that has provided some leadership since Stoffa couldn't find leadership if he tripped over it.

Anonymous said...

Dertinger and McClure have been very effective Council members.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dertinger and McClure are Northampton County's two biggest problems.

Tom Foolery said...

You keep saying that Dertinger is going to lose. You do realize that barely anyone will be voting in the spring. Most that vote will look for the old, familiar names. His name has become very familiar since he has been running nonstop for sometime now. Outside of yourself he has received very little criticism. There will be very few names on that ballot, aside from Ferraro, that people know that well. My guess is that he will finish second, behind Ferraro. I can smell that Pizza aroma a year away.. Extra cheese, please..

Anonymous said...

Charels Dertinger is a incredibly effective Councilman. I can't predict whether he will be top vote getter, but he is beloved by Labor, liked by the Employees and has a Sterling reputation in the Open Space and Farmland Preservation community. Dertinger is what is best about County Council !

Anonymous said...

Annon 7:58

You are being sarcastic right? I mean the guy is a smug, self-centered egotist. He is thought of by many outside of labor leadership as an arrogant know-it-all, who talks down to you. He doesn't listen for more than five seconds before he is telling you what your problem is, the guy needs to grow up.