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Monday, November 24, 2008

LOLV Has New Blog

Capri Roth, known to the Lehigh Valley Blogosphere as Look Out Lehigh Valley, has started a new blog. It's called "Capri. Nothing Like the Pants." As she herself states, "I used to blog elsewhere as lookoutlv until some creep came along and creeped me out. So… no creeps please."

Too late!

She stopped participating at Lehigh Valley Poliblog because "the site was overrun by conservative pundits and I decided to skip 'town' and only show up when I’m in a mood to argue." Now, she writes about Bibb lettuce, apples, pecans, goat cheese, wide fresh egg noodles, baby brussels sprouts and shiitake mushrooms. They don't argue as much and probably taste better.

Très chic, oui?


Geoff Brace said...

nice to see you finally shaved Bernie.

Anonymous said...

LOL this gal is the poster girl for political correctness. It is so sad to see these young people studying every move to make sure it doesn't offend any of the precepts of this new, dogmatic movement. Those filthy, nasty conservative pundits are just TOO impossible to bear, oh my!

Saints preserve us that there should be an opposing point of view in a brave, new Obama world.

Isn't it a pity that this gal and her crowd won't have a spontaneous moment in their absolutely correct lives. Doesn't it just make you want to send her a coupon for McDonalds?

Anonymous said...

New dogmatic movement--political correctness? Where have you been, Anon 6:06? In a cave since the early 90s?

If LOLV wants to blog about things she likes instead of argue with anonymous people (ones of whom have acted as "creep" in the past), why on earth do you care? I find it next to impossible to believe that you won't be able to find any other people to disagree with here on the Internet. Based on your comments here, one should think your dance card will be full.

I'm glad to see LOLV is back to blogging. Agree with her politics or not, she is a talented writer and seems sincere in what she says and does.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"nice to see you finally shaved Bernie."

I just got that, wise ass. Just for that, I'm not telling you where I get my nails done.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Although I'd love to give her a McDonald's coupon and then run like hell, Pete is right. LOLV is very young and a very talented writer who is unafraid to express herself. Although she and I can and do argue about many things, I'm glad she started her own blog and will try and visit.

Geoff Brace said...

the 6:06pm comments seem unnecessarily mean-spirited. Do you need a hug?

Bernie, were you waxed or shaved? I really can't tell. As far as your nails, I've got a stylist that puts yours to shame.

Hm, I've said to much.

atown-liker said...

Saints preserve us? Faith and Beggorah!