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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Patti Grube for Northampton County Council?

On Sunday afternoon, Northampton County Council member Ron Angle was proposing Express Times Editor Joe Owens and former county execs Jerry Seyfried and Bill Brackbill as replacements for Wayne Grube.

By yesterday afternoon, Angle had another idea. He believes the person best suited to fill Wayne's unexpired term is Grube's widow, Patti. Sarah Cassi, in an Express Times blog, has details. "She's perfect," is what Ron tells me.

But does she want it?

Patti Grube started doing a lot of behind the scenes work when Wayne became ill, and is clearly familiar with county issues and her husband's views. If she wants the job, I can think of no better custodian.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Ron Asshat Angle should stop trying to get attention and do some serious work on Council. The Budget is a mess. There are deeper deficits than Department Heads are letting on and he engages in his silly, I have a name contest.

If he is such a fiscal brain let him look into the big unreported budget issues facing the County next year.

Anonymous said...

Let's just keep these appointments on the inside and in the family. SSDD. Nice.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above comments come from a council that wants to install one of its handpicked favorites. The first comment is a flat out lie. Angle has a deeper understanda\ing of coiunty finance than any other council member and takesthe time to understands while McClure has missed half of the buidget hearings, as is usual for him.

Anonymous said...

Who elected you, Mr. Blog? God Forbid Council appoint anyone without consulting you first!
I'm sure they have you on speed dial, before they interview anybody.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That dysfunctional government, the worst in the LV, could do with a little more consulting and a little less name-calling.

As a citizen, I have a right to take an interest in my government, even if I own no real estate. If you don't want to read this, just go somewhere else. There are plenty of other blogs on the left sidebar.

Because council is evenly split, the selection of Grube's successor is particularly important.

Patti Grube, if she wants it, would ensure that council is filled by a person who knew what her husband wanted. She would be the most faithful custodian of his final year in office.

Tom Foolery said...

Why don't we let Patti Grube grieve for awhile. Also, the last thing she would need even if she is remotely interested is Angle's endorsement. That is a sure way to kill any possibilities if she were interested. What this man won't do for attention..Amazing..