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Friday, November 21, 2008

Wayne Grube's Name to Adorn Weaversville Park, Gracedale Lobby

Northampton County Council, perhaps the most dysfunctional local government on the planet, briefly demonstrated some bipartisanship at last night's quick meeting, its third in as many days for most council members.

Council member Charles Dertinger, noting Grube's passionate support for the Weaversville Park, proposed it be named the Weaversville Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park. McClure seconded the motion and Neiper quickly added a third. It passed unanimously.

Council member Ron Angle, noting Grube's passionate support for the county nursing home, proposed that its lobby be named the Wayne A. Grube lobby, complete with photo and plaque. Angle's motion also passed unanimously, a rarity for him.

While supporting both measures, Peg Ferraro cautioned council members they should be sure "we are doing what we need to do."

Asked what he would like when he was gone, Ron Angle mentioned a older slate belt farmer who was angry with him. On Ron's death, he threatened to stick a hambone up Ron's butt and laugh as the dogs pulled his carcass all over.

"So moved," said Charles Dertinger.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Burne - will you be writing about the phony end to the phony failed Angle/Stoffa relationship. Will you be taking sides ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

If it is a "phony end," why write about it? I don't see a failed relationship. Angle likes John, but they may have different views on different subjects. They always have.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Burne, quittin' Finance was throwing the gauntlet down to Stoffa. I have a friend who is paranoid. He thinks that Stoffa is going to run and lay down for Ron Angle the R nominee for County Exec. I said not to worry. Angle is the only thing that could rally EVERYONE to Stoffa's banner in the General Election.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tell your friend not to worry. Ron has no intention of running for exec. Believe me, he has more fun and makes lots more money at home. Periodically he tends to get frustrated by government. My main concern is whether he will stay on council.

Anonymous said...

Burne, don't worry. Ron's definitely running for County Exec. and he won't be leaving Council.

Anonymous said...

Good. If the choice is between free spender McHale or Angle, crazy or not I'm with Angle. I don't think the County can afford McHale.

Anonymous said...

Weaversville Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park.

Please tell me that's a joke. Right? Did the satire go over my head?