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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Local Press Salutes Wayne Grube

I commend both papers, The Express Times in particular, for their coverage concerning Northampton County Council member Wayne Grube, who passed away on Tuesday.

We had a love-hate relationship. I loved him, and he hated me. Before council meetings, he would often walk back to insult me. Or he'd start shaking his head at me in the middle of a meeting. He even left notes on my Jeep, threatening to have it towed.

He could get really angry at me, but always got over it. He cared deeply about the county. He loved Gracedale, revered the judges and always tried to do the right thing for the county workforce. Until he got ill, he was at the courthouse regularly and knew what was going on from the inside.

Precious Petty wrote a terrific biography, including some great pictures of a young Coach Grube. Sarah Cassi, who covered Grube regularly, gives us touching accounts from those who who worked with and loved Wayne. The editorial board notes Grube led an "energetic, overloaded life." But the most revealing stories are from Michael Blouse, a sportswriter who spoke with former players and fellow coaches.

Over at The Morning Call, Bill White tells us he's shocked, just shocked, to learn that Grube could curse as well as Hickey. Bill will devote a column to Grube today.

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