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Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks to Bossman Long, Rosenthal Reappointed to Norco Elections Commission

As most of you know, I'm incredibly handsome. It's a curse, really. Women constantly call, email and knock at my door. I've ruined countless marriages without even trying. Cosmetic surgery to enlarge my nose has backfired - women just think I'm well endowed in other areas.

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. I'm also a genius. I listen to classical music, attend foreign movies, wear glasses, drink espresso, read books and do all kinds of shit like that. Need I say more?

Earlier this week, in one of my more brilliant posts, I told you Northampton County Executive John Stoffa should withdraw Joan Rosenthal's reappointment to the elections commission. He was sailing into deep and turbulent waters.

Stoffa is not nearly so pretty or smart as I (note I said "I," not "me"). I decided to help. I emailed my post to his office, but that damn Mailer Daemon kept hurling it back at me. So I printed a copy and ran it up to his office. His secretary, who appears to be immune to my many charms, scheduled me for an appointment on February 31. Because I'm so damn smart, I knew February 31 would be too late. I took another copy of my essay and slapped it on Stoffa's windshield. The damn thing kept blowing off, so I decided to twist the wiper around it. And when it started raining, I smashed one of his smaller windows to keep it nice and dry.

A good government type, Stoffa would appreciate this.

Then, amazingly, I saw John in a hallway yesterday. Man, was he wet! He even had icicles all around his Rudolph red nose. The moment he saw me, he started running, presumably trying to impress me with his wellness program. I took the elevator and beat him to his office.

"John, did you have a chance to look over my Rosenthal post?"

Stoffa: "Where's the frickin' deputies? I'll give them whatever they want! They can take their damn cars home ... "

"John, I'm not here about that."

At that point, former Director of Administration Jim Hickey bolted out of Stoffa's office in a batman suit, and threw me off the courthouse roof. The snow and ice broke my fall. So unfortunately, Stoffa never did get my message.

And things weren't looking good for Rosenthal. She probably could have counted on Council Prez Wayne Grube, but he was uncharacteristically MIA. He never misses meetings, and I hope his health is OK.

Because Grube was absent, Dems only needed four votes to kill the nomination. And they have four votes. But when the dust had settled, Rosenthal was reappointed. Democrat Ann Mchale voted for her.

For that, Rosenthal can thank Dem Bossman Joe Long. He apparently took it upon himself to try and strongarm the imperious Ann McHale earlier this week. McHale is not the kind of person you push around - she's the kind of person who pushes you around. Bad move, Joe. You're obviously no genius.

Once council had reappointed Ms. Rosenthal, this elegant lady stood and thanked them. But the person she should really send a Christmas card to is Dem chair Joe Long. I'd be happy to deliver it myself.
Update: The Express Times has a brief, but accurate, account of Rosenthal's reappointment.


Lady Rep said...

Bernie, I know that you may disagree, but I know I can lay my head on my pillow knowing that Northampton County voters are in capable, caring hands. Bravo, Council!

Bernie O'Hare said...


I agree. Joan Rosenthal is a good woman and I know she'll be fair. My problems is that I do not think she would be perceived as being fair. But thanks to Bossman Long, she got Ann McHale's vote. Maybe Long should switch parties. He seems to help Republicans so much more than Dems. He has virtually assured an easy ride for Congressman Dent. His election strategy against Angle and Peg backfired. And now he makes certain that Republican Joan Rosenthal is reappointed.

Lady Rep said...

Bernie, shhhhh, please don't tell him!!

Anonymous said...

always liked batman. a conflicted and complex superhero. darkness mixed with lighand

Bernie O'Hare said...

We were having this discussion the other day. Batman is possibly the coolest superhero but he has no super powers. He definitely has the best car.

Tom Dietrich said...

Careful Mr. O'Hare, even men have a hard time resisting your charm. ;)

Hanover voter said...

"McHale is not the kind of person you push around - she's the kind of person who pushes you around. Bad move, Joe. You're obviously no genius." I think Long is in trouble on this one, maybe McHale is that good, or she doesn't need help from him or any other Dems. Will she use Rosenthal as her campaign manager, as she has in the past?

Anonymous said...

I think Ann is writing her own script. What proof other than her word Long even talked to her? She's positioning, learned from the best Sen. B.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:23,

What you saw here could not be published in a newspaper. I never spoke to McHale or Long, and neither of them would confirm it if I did. But I spoke with two very good sources who mentioned it to me, and mentioned how upset it had made McHale.

I have my own problems w/ McHale, and they center around a somewhat imperious nature and that very nasty remark to Stoffa. But I would never call her dishonest. If she decides to tell me she's doing something, she always follows through on it. Long just overreached again, and that's no surprise.

Yout probblem is not McHale, it's Joe Long.

Anonymous said...

Dent has an easy ride?

What's in our water?

MSNBC Reports Rudy has strong ties to terror

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dent has an easy ride, and for that he can thank Chairman Joe, who foisted Sam Bennett on the party. I'm trying very hard to go easy on her and her multiple birthday parties, and her top 3 favorite things about the LV (in which she mentions 4).

If Dent were some hairy monster, even I would hold my nose and support Bennett. But he's a decent guy who has a very good record and this is in spite of all efforts to make it appear otherwise. Do you think McHale was good? I do. Dent is probably more liberal. That's a little secret between us. Don't let the Rs know.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:03

As a life long Dem. I feel for your points but that LV voters have shown they won't be herded by Party, particularly Dem's. Even if we have a strong Pres. nominee that brings out a strong Dem vote they must pull the Congressional Cand lever.
I am sure you are pushing Sam, but I do not think guilt by association will overcome her own personal weakness as a candidate.

PS: Bernie, I know Rosenthal also and I have found her to be a very partisan Repub and no better than Garvin. I think Stoffa has to be careful with terms like 'clean house'.

Anonymous said...


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I would like to think we elect representatives to protect us from making bad decisions and creating policies that strengthen America.

In my view Dent has did the opposite weaken America for the grand solution for global government.

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Anonymous said...

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