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Friday, December 07, 2007

Branco's Finance Report Reveals He's a Big Fat Liar

How can I put this delicately?

To hell with it - Tony Branco is a big fat liar. He emphatically denied using campaign consultant Scissorhands Severson for his county council bid, both to Morning Call columnist Bill White and reporter Joe Nixon. "I didn't hire him to fire him."

But at the same time he was making these denials, he was busily writing out checks to Severson'sPolitical Strategies, Inc. Branco's most recent campaign finance report, filed yesterday, shows a $2,000 payment for "automated election day calls" on October 30, and a $3,500 check for mailings on October 25. In addition, he reports a $3,902.01 in-kind contribution from the Northampton County Democratic Committee on November 1 for mailing and robo calls. And as we all know, that outfit was using Severson, too.


I'm collecting county council finance reports. They will all be posted by early next week.


Anonymous said...

He seems like the kind of guy who can't count to 11 without lowering his trousers. We already know him to be a master debater and cunning linguist (e.g., "Peggy Ferraro has ran and ran ...").

Anonymous said...

Funny, anywhere you walk in the room, the eyes follow you. Spooky.


Anonymous said...

Boy, I'd still like to know what happened with those executive sessions down in Douglass Township when Tony was let go with severance after he refused to "comprimise his ethics." Maybe it was not a Douglass Township thing. Hmmm, glad we did not bite when he applied in our Township! PS: I'm not dead!

Anonymous said...

Many people are fired because of their high integrity on the job.