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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Express Times: Political Consultant Severson Scissorhands Disrupts Funeral Service

On Monday, I told you about campaign maven Severson Scissorhands, who wanted to slice and dice Ron Angle during a funeral mass last Friday. All this happened, more or less. Severson really did stand up and flip the bird at Angle inside a Pen Argyl Catholic church. He really did chase after Angle, challenging him to a fight in the parking lot. Scissorhands really did start yelling and cursing in God's house, during a memorial service in which his own wife was one of the readers.

I made up the God parts. I never really did get to talk to Him. I tried. I doubt Severson is really covered with lice, boils and fleas, or that lightning bolts are singing his ass.

But he's still in trouble. For one thing, the Pen Argyl police department is investigating Scissorhands, and has assigned two cops to take statements. Worst of all, the Express Times has fixed its icy glare on Severson's surreal funeral antics.

In an excellent report from Doug Brill, everything I told you Monday is unfortunately confirmed by the widower of the woman being buried. The mass had gone on no more than ten minutes before Severson Scissorhands started blowing oil. Widower John Turtzo tells reporter Brill that Severson "didn't come (to the Mass) with the intention of paying any homage to the family. He ignored all of us. He didn't express any sorrow for our loss. He was only concerned with trying to get Angle."

Today's report also discusses Severson's violent threats against a former employee whose sole mistake was to work for this seriously disturbed person.

And get this. Thanks to Bossman Joe Long, Northampton County Dems still owe this guy $9,000.

Don't it make you proud?


Anonymous said...

all issues of whether or not he's evil incarnate, this kind of behavior makes one ponder whether he's mentally ill. if he is, he wouldn't be the first notorious political consultant to go down that road...

Anonymous said...

Mentally ill – how convenient! A strategy of last resort. I believe that some political consultants (particularly the type that believes themselves to be “King Makers”) would prefer to be known as mentally incompetent - rather than the more painful reality of being an incompetent strategist. What to do when you bag of dirty tricks runs dry.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who know Severson know he is preety bad. In 2005, he pushed a 70 year old man to the ground during a victory party. And he has kids in Maryland whom he won't see or acknowledge. Wouldn't pay support and when he was tracked down. Claimed he had no money. Nice guy.

Keep it up, O'Hare.

Chris Casey said...

So Tommy lost two $500 bets that he could get Angle out of office?
I'd judge him nuts just for making those bets against Angle in the Slate Belt. I don't know if they still institutionalize people into the allentown State Hospital, but he soumds like a good candidate for a rubber room if they did.
You think his wife would consider having him committed somewhere for treatment? 4 zanax a day, and take the knives away?
We all want the best for you Tom, get yourself some help now, before it is too late. I would really hate to see you on a 69 news special report with the SWAT team at your door, because you barricaded yourself in the bathroom and won't come out.
We are all praying for you buddy, even O'hare and Angle.

Anonymous said...

Prayer? We don’t need prayer. We need an exorcism.

A.J. Cordi said...

Anon 9:55 -

I'm sure his head is already spinning without the religious recovery.

Whether he is mentally ill or not, he just needs to stop acting like an ass. Sooner or later, he's gonna go after a person who won't run away.

Larry Kisslinger said...

seems serverson has lost it! his wife seems such a nice lady! pray for her. larry@kisslinger.com

Anonymous said...

Soloman, Severson- is it the work or the water. Maybe just dealing with O'Hare!

Anonymous said...

Severson is a brain dead moron. At least soloman was smart