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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Robin's Law to be Discussed Today

Robin Shaffer was shot and killed by her estranged husband two years ago in Quakertown. She never knew her husband had once before tried to kill his ex-wife.

Robin's sister, Heidi Markow, started the Beginning Over Foundation, a locally-formed grass roots group trying to cast a public spotlight on the tragedies caused by domestic violence. Robin's Law, introduced by State Rep. Karen Beyer, would track repeat domestic violence offenders with a statewide registry. According to a news release, all three Lehigh Valley state senators are sponsoring a companion bill in the senate.

“This legislation has the potential to save hundreds of lives in our region each year,” said BOF founder Markow. "I am so pleased that our local officials recognize the potential impact of this proposed legislation. I am overwhelmed by their support."

Today, at 2 PM, at the TC Salon Spa in Bethlehem, Markow will discuss means to raise funds for the victims and families of domestic abuse.


Anonymous said...

Busy work that accomplishes nothing. it keeps our legislature off the street I guess.

Blue Coyote said...

This bill, although noteworthy, is poorly written. With too many loopholes, constitutional issues, redundencies and bureaucratic machinations, that I bet this will never pass as drafted. Beyer will need to cut and paste this bill if ever to succeed.

My condolences to Robin Shaffer's family.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this law provide a false sense of security to women if the man she is dating is not in the registry but has a violent past? What do the experts in domestic violence say about this bill and how about HIPA?

Anonymous said...

Another lets keep track bill. I truely feel for the family of the Victim but this is feel good legislation. I believe lawmakers have to grow a set and stop passing feel good legislation that enlarges the Government while poviding a false sense of security.
I am sure many will disagree but as one familiar with social services, franky there are too many of these laws already.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Another let's keep track bill? I'm familiar w/ Megan's Law, but don't think bills like these are passed every day. And what's the beed with "feel good" legislation? Are state assemblies only permitted to adopt "feel bad" legislation?

I don't think this bill, which is being introduced in the senate so late, is going anywhere this year. Blue Coyote is probably right.

But is it just busy work? Will it provide a false sense of security? Those are good questions, and I don't have the answer.

Anonymous said...

To all 3 of you Anons:

You have got to be kidding me!!! You people obviously never had a family member or close friend who was ever a victim of this kind of crime. Fighting this kind of crime needs to start with this kind of law and futher, with enhancement of Megan's Law and Katie's Law (look that one up).

Anonymous said...

If this bill does pass, who is going to pay for the development of the service and the outreach needed to let people know that the list exits? The bill sponsors? Robin's family who have endured enough? Shouldn't Tax payer and state money fund real solutions v. a law that has too many "what ifs" attached to it? If legislators genuinely want to help families who have lost loved ones or prevent familes from losing a loved one in the first place, why dont they focus their attention, time, money and good press activitites on what causes domestic violence deaths in the first place: power, control and a failed restraining order system. With all due respect to victim's families, fixing the cause of the problem and getting batterers off the street will save lives, not a costly registry that is feel-good in theory but realistically flawed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:56

Robin's family is advocating passage of this law. It is not just the legislators.

Pay for it? How about taking some of that WAM funding these clowns get to implement this law?

This law is a way to combat these savages along with educating the public.

Roberta Shaffer said...

An answer to "Anonymous", by the way apparently you don't want to be known, why? do you believe in your own thoughts? It's apparent you have never experienced domestic violence or lost a loved one....hopefully you will never have to endure such pain.
As for the law providing a sense of "false" security, that is a ludicrous statement!!! wouldn't the average educated person know that just because their potential intimate partner was not in Robin's law registry that it doesn't mean they are not a violent offender?. It means they were never convicted of the crime of domestic violence. As with Megan's law, as a parent, just because my son/daughters friends parent is not in the registry doesn't make me believe that they are not offenders.It means they have never been convicted of a crime against a child. As a parent I am still vigilant and keep my guard up. I believe I heard it said that "any tool we can give victims to protect them is a good thing". It's time to start listening to the people who know first hand the deveatation of domestic violence, and stop doing what the people who are "book" learned tell our legislators to do. Isn't most of the law's out there protecting you right now brought on by victims, their families or by legislators who care. I can guarantee people will flock to this registry site if and when the law passes. An answer to your next question, how do experts feel about this law? let's see does it take an expert to know first hand what domestic violence does to families and communities, I never knew you had to be an "expert" or have a degree to be a victim of domestic violence...I'm curious too, you would think if the "experts" had an opinion they would step up to the plate and either help or debate it....
As for your last question, you should educate yourself about things that are already made public knowledge...HIPA you have got to be kidding right? Are you for criminals repeating violent acts where you live and possibly work? your read about these criminals in paper, you hear about them on the news, what the family is trying to do is not let us forget who these violent convicted criminals are...wouldn't you want to know who live's next door, who your daughter/son is dating, who may possibly hurt someone you love? It's all about public knowledge, knowledge for potential victims.

Denise said...

Good luck in your fight. I lost a friend to a repetitive violent offender. HE had over 35 previous charges against him before he killed my friend. You are welcome to visit our web sight at


We are also woking on a similar law. Denise