Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ET: Appoint Patti Grube to Norco Council

There are those who scoff at the idea of appointing Wayne Grube's wife, Patti, to fill his unexpired term on Northampton County Council. Most who hate this idea do so for two reasons. First, it was proposed by The Northampton County Bulldog, Ron Angle. Second, they'd prefer someone they can control.

Instead of listening to Angle, they can listen to The Express Times, which offers three reasons why Council should appoint Patti Grube.
First, she, more than anyone else, understands her husband's philosophy of and approach to representing the residents of Northampton County. She has an obvious edge on continuing to serve with the same flavor those who elected her husband to his at-large seat.

Second, she represents a glimmer of hope that the four Democrats and four Republicans on council might come to an agreement on a suitable replacement for her husband.

Third, she has said that, if she is chosen, she's not interested in running for the seat. That gives all candidates equal footing in the next election.


Tom Foolery said...

I understand that she is not interested. Why would she want the
headaches anyway?

Anonymous said...

Some of us oppose her slam-dunk hiring for purer reasons. I'm tired of inside jobs on NorCo council. It's what's wrong with them. Her husband was loved, but overstayed and ended his career a sleepy, horrible steward of taxpayer dollars. I think he was just tired and didn't have the heart to retire. Let's open up the process and size up options before letting sentimentality excuse nepotism. I'm sure she's very nice. Let her interview and be examined. Maybe she is the one. I just want a thorough search to fill the pivotal seat.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I'd agree that the appointment should not be offered if she is not interested. I do not know Mrs. Grube, but I've been told she is willing to accept an appointment. I am also sure the meager salary will be a big help.

Anon 7:06,

You're tired of back room politics on Norco Council? That's what Grube's appointment is intended to prevent. When McClure and Branco, two Dems, were appointed to fill the vacancies created by one Dem and one R, the process was artificially open. Like idiots, over 30 people applied. But behind closed doors, five council members had already reached their decision. It was purely political.

By publicly mentioning his interest in Patti Grube, Angle has casty a public spotlight n a process that council members would prefer to keep shrouded in secrecy. They are angry, too, because it will be difficult to justify supporting one of their cronies over Patti Grube.

Anonymous said...

Patti Grube is a wonderful person and my being very familiar with politics, I hope she thinks very carefully regardless of her decision.

I think Mr. Angle is a shamless showman who could give a tinkers damn about good government. This is a guy who has been tossed off of every radio staion he has been on. He has a record of screwups spaning over 30 years. Only ethically mypoic people like yourself praise this fraud.

He, the Morning Call and the Easton Express should be ashamed of themselves for playing along with this game.

Poor Mrs. Grube is still at the grave and a reporter is bugging her over Angle latest publicity show. Then the very classless Easton Express reporter calls her at hoime on the day of her Husbands funneral to ask if she would be interested in Wayne seat.

Shame on you, shame on the Morning Call, shame on the Easton Express and of course shame on the master joker Ron Angle. The old saw is, "if it bleeds, it leads" in the press. Well the two 'papres' showed that if someone dies its fair game to ponce on his widow because some sleezeball politican needs to get his name in the paper.

If Patti wants to serve I wish her the best, she will need it. But the rest of you showed that 'Team Dertinger' takes no back seat in the lack of class catagory to you clowns.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Let's see. The county exec undergoes a hip replacement and is on the injured reserved list. The most senior council member passes away, leaving a 4-4 split at budget time. "Team Dertinger" is already in intrigue to bring in someone they can control and make it impossible for Stoffa to govern.

Then Angle comes up with the idea of asking Wayne's wife, who knows him better than you, to serve. He publicly discloses the idea, not to get publicity, but because he wants this out in the open to prevent the back room maneuvers.

You must really be pissed, so you'll call Angle every name in the book and will lump me in as well. But guess what? People read this blog and can see through you.

Do you honestly think, for even a second, that Patti Grube wants Mike Fleck sitting in her husband's seat?

Anonymous said...

Are any Rs under consideration?

Bernie O'Hare said...

I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

i like and respect Patti. Lots of common sense, and a gentle demeanor. Don't know why she'd want it, but there could be worse selections.

Anonymous said...

yes Patti, anyone is better than Fleck and it would be terribly displeasing to Wayne if Fleck were appointed to his seat. "I knew Wayne very well and Fleck is no Wayne Grube."