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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Gerald E Seyfried Sewage Treatment Plant?

Jerry posing with several Council members. Ron
Heckman is to his left
Former Executive Gerald E. "Jerry" Seyfried is a man of many wonders. An avid sportsman, he started an annual banquet for fellow hunters, with the proceeds going to give kids lessons in the outdoors. He's an expert archer who recently won his age group in a contest at Cabella's. (He was the only participant). Most importantly, he is the father of open space preservation in Northampton County. He got the ball rolling, and was expert at leveraging money to start the process that has kept many of our greenfields green.

Like Jerry, former Exec John Stoffa and incumbent Lamont McClure have been forceful advocates of open space. But recognizing that Jerry started it, McClure said he'd like to name the Bear Swamp Archery Complex for Jerry. 

I asked Jerry how he felt about this, and he was quite touched by this gesture. "I'm just glad the County owns no sewage treatment plant or landfill," he quipped. 


Anonymous said...

Is Heckman that Fluke or is it a Flake?

Anonymous said...

Gerry's funny. I've often said the only things that should be named for politicians are sewage plants and dumps. Anything else is out of character and insulting to voters and taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

George Washington the "Father of our Nation" and then you have Gerry Seyfried the "father of open space preservation". Whaaaaat a STUD........Right up there with the big guys

Anonymous said...

I was told once that you never wanted a building or most anything named after you because it meant you were dead or someone thought you were about to be dead or somoene hoped you were dead.

Anonymous said...

Jerry said if the County names anything after him once he passes, like a memorial Bridge or a memorial road, that he won't come to the dedication.