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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Election FAQs

From NorCo Elections Office: The Elections Office is providing a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Northampton County voters for the General Election on November 2, 2021.

What races will be on the ballot?
·        County-wide offices, candidates for municipal offices, state and magisterial judges. The Elections Office recommends all voters review the ballot on-line before voting. The ballot will be available towards the end of September and can be viewed at: https://www.northamptoncounty.org/ctyadmn/electns/Pages/default.aspx
Who can vote in the General Election?
·        All registered voters are eligible to vote in the General Election. October 18th is the last day to register before the election.

How can I see if I’m registered to vote?
·        You can check your registration status at www.vote.pa.gov

Can I vote by mail?
·        Yes. Act 77, which was passed in 2019, allows for no excuse mail-in voting. Applications for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballots are available in the Election’s Office or at www.vote.pa.gov or www.NorthamptonVotes.com

How do I know my application has been accepted or if my ballot has been received?
·        Citizens who sign up on vote.pa.gov will receive emails about their application/ballot status. Voters who applied on paper can track the status of their ballot at vote.pa.gov once the state makes that tool available.

Why did I get an email saying my application for a mail-in ballot has been declined?
·        It’s likely that a duplicate application was filed or the application lacked a signature or a verifiable ID. Contact the Elections Office for assistance at 610-829-6260 or elections@northamptoncounty.org 

When will ballots go out in the mail?
·        Ballots will start being mailed out in late September or early October. Voters can check the status of their ballot on-line at www.vote.pa.gov   
I’m worried about getting my mail-in ballot back to the Elections Office on time.
·        To be counted, ballots must be returned to the Election’s Office by 8:00PM on November 2nd. We recommend voters return their ballot as soon as possible or at least get it in the mail by October 22nd. Secure ballot drop-off boxes will be available until 8:00PM on Nov. 2nd.
What can cause a mail-in ballot to be rejected?
·        Mail-in ballots can be rejected if:
o  The ballot was not enclosed in a sealed privacy envelope (i.e. a “naked” ballot)
o  The return envelope was not signed or dated
o  There are identifying marks or symbols on the privacy envelope
o  The ballot was not returned to the Election’s Office by 8:00PM on November 2nd.

What kind of stamp should I use to mail my ballot back?
·        Postage on the return envelopes is pre-paid. Voters do not need to add a stamp.

Do I have to return my ballot by mail?
·        No. Ballots can be returned directly to the Election’s Office at the Government Center at 669 Washington Street, Easton, PA 18042 or at one of the secure ballot drop boxes stationed around the County. (Boxes will be installed when ballots become available.)

Can someone else deliver my ballot to the Elections Office?
·        No. PA State Law states that voters must only drop off their own ballot. If you come into the office, you may be asked for your ID. If you drop off someone else’s ballot because they are physically unable to do so, you will be asked for a signed “Certification of Designated Agent” form. A copy of the form can be downloaded at www.vote.pa.gov

Can I vote using Ballot on Demand?
·        Yes, Ballot on Demand will be available in the Election Office at the Government Center starting September 20th until 4:30PM on October 26. You must bring an ID with you to the office.

I requested a mail-in ballot, but now I want to vote in-person at the polls.
·        Voters who prefer to use the machines must bring their mail-in ballots and the return envelope to the polls. The Judge of Election will spoil the ballot and ask the voter to complete a “Declaration to Surrender Ballot” form before allowing them to vote on the ExpressVote XL machine.

Will the polls be open on November 2nd?
·        Yes. As of right now, the Election’s Office plans on staffing all 156 precincts with 315 voting machines.

Have the ExpressVote XL machines been tested?
·        Yes. The machines undergo testing before the General Election on November 2nd. The machines performed very well in the last three elections.

Have any polling locations changed?

·        Bushkill Cherry Hill and Bushkill Center precincts are returning to Butz Elementary School

Do I have to wear a mask at the polls? What about the poll workers?
·        All poll workers are required to wear facemasks. We strongly request that voters wear masks out of respect to the people who volunteer in our elections.

Who should voters call if they have problems or questions either before or on Election Day?
·        The Northampton County Elections Office: 610-829-6260 or elections@northamptoncounty.org  

Our democracy increases in strength the more we all participate. If you, or someone you know, has an interest in taking a more active role, please consider becoming a poll worker. Poll workers are paid for their training time and work on Election Day. https://www.northamptoncounty.org/CTYADMN/ELECTNS/Pages/PollWorkers.aspx


Anonymous said...

Fortunately State elected officials will be auditing the election to ensure it is not fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

Okay Bernie, but you forgot the link...Vote Early and Often!

Anonymous said...

And Trumplicans like Steve Lynch will use the same bullshit rhetoric to imply that county elections were rigged because they can’t comprehend that people who actually have a brain don’t want him in any form of powerful position.

So-called “rigged elections” have become a tool in their playbook to fool their base into slowing down the election process with conspiracy theories.

Lynch is a fraud and I can’t wait until I never have to read about him again.

Anonymous said...

Right, because Northampton County has a long, rich history of rigged elections.

What a moronic comment.


Anonymous said...

Lynch supporters were canvassing neighborhoods last Friday. He may want to rethink who is out ringing doorbells in his name. The 2 guys that came to my side door made me wonder if I was about to be robbed. While I am not voting for Lynch, this interaction was not very good. Several neighbors made a similar comment.

Anonymous said...

Any one should be allowed to challenge the results of an election if they have credible information. They should be required to show evidence or a credible cause for the challenge before anything can move forward. Just like a grand jury. I f they cannot show creditable cause they are told to shut the F up and go away.

However they should not be able to continuously and repeatedly do it. They should also have to pay upfront for an audit if it is necessary not like the trumpeter who owes multiple locations money. In addition they should be required to shut the F up if nothing major is found. And if they continue to propagate the lies they should forever be ban from any political affiliation and or be banned from any political activity (even political donations, contact to anyone involved in politicos, or any governmental position) for the rest of their life under penalty of immediate jail time.

We cannot continue with the BS that has continued to fester with no reality behind it. The people who continue to say the S+++ should be harshly destroyed for their propaganda.

Anonymous said...


Please keep what you have posted here as I have spoken with numerous politicians on both sides and they are all planning on trying to jerrymander the districts, and hope the rules get changed before the next election after this. The dirt bags are going to change the rules like they have continued to change the rules over and over again in the past.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who reads the filings on the various lawsuits concerning the 2020 election knows that the plaintiff have come forward with nothing except BS. I find noting there that shakes my faith in the reliability of the vote count in any jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

@1:02 PM. Of course the Biden charm earned him 8 million more votes than Obama garnered in 2012. Better pull your head out and breathe some fresh air.

Anonymous said...

1. Trump says elections will be rigged, and mail in ballots are part of the problem (knowing many people will vote by mail due to the pandemic he has ignored).
2. Chaos ensues, with ardent followers of Trump believing his made up allegation.
3. Trump loses, claims mail in ballots that haven't been counted yet should be ignored, claims the whole thing was a fraud.
4. GOP officials state we need to do audits, need to conduct hearings, because of fears lack of integrity in elections. The supposed lack of integrity dreamed up by Trump.

Takeaways: Total load of BS. The GOP is so far up Trump's rear it isn't funny. And a horrifyingly large percentage of America believes this BS.

Anonymous said...

@6:08 - "Of course the Biden charm earned him 8 million more votes than Obama garnered in 2012. Better pull your head out and breathe some fresh air."

Best check where your own head is at. You're incorrect.

Biden exceeded Obama's 2012 totals by 15M. For what its worth, Trump upped Romney's total by 13M. Still a loss is a loss.

Good effort on your part though! Keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest. Your comments which were annoying have just become too lengthy and rather boring.

Anonymous said...

Can a judge of election be an ardent supporter of a candidate like you are? Hopefully, the people running the elections are vetted.

Bernie O'Hare said...

An election judge can certainly be an ardent supporter of whomever he wants, but not inside the polling place. We all take oaths to fiollow the elections laws and I have been very strict about ensuring they are followed by everyone Including myself . Having said that I have stepped down as an elections judge