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Friday, September 03, 2021

UPDATED: County Government Responds to Tropical Storm Ida

I told you yesterday that county government is the forgotten government. No one notices until something like Tropical Storm Ida hits. 

Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure briefed County Council last night on the storm. He noted that, as of 6:30 pm, there were 22 water rescues, but no serious injuries."Fire, EMS and police did a fantastic job keeping our citizens safe," he observed. He noted that the Delaware River in Easton crested earlier and lower than expected. He indicated EMS (Emergency Management Services) are still doing a damage assessment. 

In advance of the storm, McClure beefed up both EMS and the 911 Center. 

While there was no serious bodily injury, McClure indicated that about 25 properties in Freemansburg were hit pretty hard. He stated EMS was in the borough,  assisting residents in the paperwork that must be completed for federal assistance. 

Finally, he observed that parks, which often are next to waterways, were hit very hard.

I rode along Tatamy trail on my return from the courthouse yesterday. The Bushkill Creek, which runs parallel to that trail, had caused no problems, which is  something of a miracle. I have seen less severe storms do far more damage. 

Any NorCo resident with flood damage should report it to their local municipal officials to report damages. If unable, they may use the EMS agency website and complete the online recovery questionnaire at: http://ncem-pa.org/recovery-questionnaire/ The completion of this questionnaire, or any other disaster assessment form, does not guarantee any local, state or federal assistance. This assessment process (including the questionnaire) helps Northampton County to provide FEMA with the information needed to determine if FEMA will provide our county residents with any aid or assistance. Residents are encouraged to document their damages and clean up with photographs.
On Thursday September 2nd the Pennsylvania Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster “PA VOAD” announced that Crisis Cleanup has activated their call center to be able to take calls from residents affected by Tropical Storm Ida. Crisis Cleanup is a coordination platform used by hundreds of relief organizations and government agencies across the country. Crisis Cleanup cannot guarantee that all calls for service by residents will be performed, as all services are performed by volunteers. Crisis Cleanup documents requests for services such as debris cleanup inside and outside homes, tarping, tree work, and mucking and gutting of damaged homes. Crisis Cleanup cannot assist with social services such as food, clothing, shelter, insurance, or questions about FEMA registration if FEMA aid is approved. Residents in need of cleanup assistance should call toll free 844-965-1386.
EMS reminds everyone to stay clear of swollen rivers and streams over the Labor Day weekend.

Lehigh County

In Lehigh County, EMS is encouraging residents to report storm damage that may have been sustained after the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida moved through the area. This will provide both the municipalities and the county a better understanding of the extent of the damage throughout Lehigh County.


Lehigh County residents can report their damages to their home/property by completing the survey at: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/2eef2ea1f0f049ce9d5d219f6b8e14ba?portalUrl=https://LehighGIS.maps.arcgis.com.


Please feel free to upload pictures of the damage into the survey as well.


For more information on the Damage Survey, call the Lehigh County Emergency Management Agency at (610) 782-4600.

Updated 11 am.

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