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Monday, July 27, 2020

Thode With Some Covid-19 Facts

Numbers cruncher Steve Thode presents some facts (remember them?) about the Covid-19 pandemic

For the past 7 days, Lehigh reported 142 new positives out of a total of 3,212 new tests.

That's a positivity rate of 4.42%.

For the past 7 days, NorCo reported 103 new positives out of a total of 2,821 new tests.

That's a positivity rate of 3.65%.

For the past 14 days, DoH has reported 214 total new deaths statewide; 145 in LTCFs (long-term care facilities), and 69 not in LTCFs.

The 14-day LTCF death rate has dropped 89.9% from its May 18 peak.

The 14-day non-LTCF death rate has dropped 88.6% from its May 18 peak.

The number of deaths reported the last 14 days is the lowest since early April.

Opinion: It appears to me that health professionals know a lot more about the SARS-CoV-2 than in January, and have become far more proficient in treating those among us who are ill. I by no means am suggesting we drop our guard, but believe we are in a good position.


Anonymous said...

I'd raise a toast to this summary; however, I don't get my government blessings till the third and can't afford the meal I must also purchase if I wish to raise said toast...just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

No one’s numbers can be verified with certainty. Why not? Pennsylvania has 67 Counties and about 250 hospitals, each one using its own standards of counting. Most use ‘presumed’ case and death numbers within their totals. Hospitals receive much higher reimbursement for every patient linked to COVID-19 as compared to those with other morbidities. The reporting system is inconsistent and flawed.

Then, consider the political motivation. Who might believe higher, or lower, totals would be of greatest benefit as we approach the next election?

Anonymous said...

Over a dozen Miami Marlin's players and staff tested positive over the weekend, first weekend of the season and 2 games being postponed today but let's get those schools open...

Anonymous said...

Positive symptomatic I might add.

Anonymous said...

We learn more about COVID-19 each and every day. Including who spreads it, how it spreads and who is most at risk, that said we still have much to learn including long term health effects for those without secondary diseases/ailments.

These #'s are certainly promising and in approximately 6 months we should be seeing the first roll outs of a potential vaccine which in itself is a small miracle.

Those who have politicized it and/or attached various motives as to who benefits most from what is a global issue are partisan cheerleaders either looking to make their team look good or lamely trying to deflect blame from their favorite "leader".