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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Charlie Dent, Pathfinder

Hawkeye. Davy Crockett. LV Congressman Charlie Dent. That's right, baby, they're all Pathfinders.

Dent, a long-time proponent of alternative energy was this week awarded the 2011 Pathfinder Award from the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) for his advocacy concerning hydrogen energy.

“I am extremely proud to receive the 2011 Pathfinder Award from the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association,” Dent said in a news release. “I am eager to work with the Association and the members of the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Caucus to ensure the continued development of this critical, domestic clean energy.”

Dent is a founding member of the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Caucus in Congress. He is an advocate for crucial programs that advance hydrogen and fuel cell technology development and deployment. Dent is also a leader in promoting tax credits for hydrogen fueling stations and fuel cells, which have been instrumental in the commercial deployment of fuel cell systems at leading corporations and educational institutions across the U.S.

“It is a great honor to have Rep. Dent fighting side by side with us in the battle to restore adequate funding for fuel cells and hydrogen energy” said Ruth Cox, President and Executive Director of FCHEA.

When the ceremony was over, Dent and Cox went for a ride in a blimp.


Anonymous said...

u should have gotten this award. no one knows more about hot air than you

Anonymous said...

"Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) for his advocacy concerning hydrogen energy"

In other words, the industry trade association lobbyists wish to thank Dent for supporting their agenda so they can pull in tons of pork and taxpayer dollars in their quest to slowly and inefficiently develop a product that will make them truck loads of money.

We are proud.

Anonymous said...

air products, anyone?

Jon Geeting said...

Fuel cells are a pipe dream, and a huge waste. Dent supports it because the primary way we get hydrogen is from reforming natural gas, and he's on the take for the politically-powerful fracking lobby in PA. If the Congressman wants to be taken seriously as a proponent of "alternative energy," he'll vote to end subsidies for fossil fuels, and support carbon pricing to make alternative fuels more competitive on price with dirty energy.

Anonymous said...


Seriously, he is not someone I would consider a green representative. Of course he is for hydrogen ... Air Products (APD) is in the 15th District, and I am sure he gets big $$ from APD and it's top executives. To be considered green Dent should be advocating for at least the following:

1. Solar Power
2. Rebuilding the electric power grid with smart grid technology
3. Electric Vehicle / Battery Power Technology
4. Nuclear Power
5. Wind Power

And by advocating, I mean that he should be working to move Government subsidies from dirty power sources (coal and oil)to cleaner sources. He should also be working for Government investment/partnership into the basic research that is necessary for the private sector to move forward with sustainable, green technology.

And while the Tea Party contingent will tell you that the "free market should decide which technologies survive," that is not what we currently have. Nor have we ever.

Moreover, it was US Government investment that produced incredible wealth with just three technologies - Semiconductors, the Internet, and GPS. Without these Google, eBay, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, and Garmin would not exist. Without these, there would be no smartphones, IPhones, PCs ... and we couldn't communicate via this blog.

These two simple, very low cost (relative to, say, invading foreign countries)items can produce enormous long-term benefits - Jobs, economic growth, and clean air.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Publius, Since Dent has been in Congress, he has been a strong advocate of all forms of alternative energy.

Anonymous said...


With all due respect, please provide the proof of his advocacy, because I have not been able to find it. Specifically, what bills has he introduced to further alternative energy? What has he done to stop the funding of big oil? Please point me to his editorial commentary in the local press on such matters?

I ask because I have not seen it ... and I pay attention. There is a lot that he can do, if he was/is willing.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Publius, In this blog alone, you will see several posts about Dent's long-time commitment to alternative energy:

11/10/08: Dent's Commitment to Plug-in Hybrids

10/20/08: One More Reason Why Democrats Should Support Charlie Dent

9/22/08: Dent & Bennett's Contrasting Views on Energy

8/21/08: Congressman Charlie Dent's Energy Policy in One Word - Diversification

10/7/06: Dent Proposes Converting Interstate 78 to Hydrogen Highway East

He's consistently supported alternative energy since his election to Congress.