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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Allentown Watchdog at Notre Dame Grade School

Warning! This is a Bragging Grandparent post. Please read with extreme caution, or not at all.

Yesterday, when Judge Baratta's Gracedale opinion came down, I was at Notre Dame grade school in Bethlehem. Every year, all the grandparents are invited for lunch, and I really enjoy the visit. I think the kids look forward to it, too.

This year, it was especially enjoyable because Dat and I were seated with none other than the Allentown Watchdog, Lou Hershman, and his two grandsons. For an hour, I ignored all the calls about Baratta's ruling and instead discussed the Superbowl with my grandson Dat, and Lou Hershman grandsons Grant and Cole. We also briefly discussed whether the Green Hornet and Kato could take the Batman and Robin in an even fight. We ate ham, mashed potatoes and corn, and Lou told us we had to leave something on our plate for etiquette.

I left one kernel of corn.

Below, from left to right, you can see Grant Hershman, Dat Lambert, Cole Hershman and Anderson Bento. I told them to look really tough, and this is what I got.


Anonymous said...

So why were you there. Do you have a grandchild.

Anonymous said...


Read the article you idiot!