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Friday, February 18, 2011

LC Comm'r Race Getting Crowded

Last year, when Wayne Woodman was elected Lehigh County GOP Boss, he immediately began to interject himself in Lehigh County's budget. First he led a charge to eliminate some programs, which amounted to about $300,000. Then he seized on a never-used provision of the Home Rule Charter to try and send the budget back to LC Exec Don Cunningham, with a demand to return with a zero-tax increase financial plan. Dean Browning refused to go along, and Woodman's effort failed.

Browning, one of four at-large Commissioners whose terms expire this year, was told by many of his fellow Republicans that his political career is over. Well, Browning is running for re-election anyway, along with Democrat Gloria Hamm.

It's becoming a very crowded Republican field that includes Scott Ott, the recently-resigned Executive Director of the LC GOP; Salisbury Township Commissioner Norma Cusick, mother of Norco Council President John Cusick; Mike Welsh, who ran a strong but losing campaign against Jennifer Mann two years ago; and Brad Obsborne, a South Whitehall Township Commissioner. Dave Najarian, a prominent local attorney, is considering a run. Vic Mazziotti refuses to state his intentions, but petitions are being circulated on his behalf.

You can also add businesswoman Lisa Scheller to the mix. She just happens to be Boss Woodman's wife. Although Woodman apparently decided to skip me in his distribution of Lisa's announcement, I found out anyway. She's president and CEO of Silberline Manufacturing Co. Inc. in Tamaqua, and could easily outspend any candidate.

If Andy Roman decides to seek re-election (and that's by no means clear), that will mean that 8 Republicans are n the hunt for four seats, including two seats already held by Republicans.

On the Democrat side, I only know of incumbent Gloria Hamm, a nurse, and Geoff Brace, a business revitalization expert.

That's 10 people looking for 4 seats.

The post office will need to hire seasonal help for all the mailers.


Anonymous said...

On the Democratic side Sergio Medino of the 18th Ward is running for County Commissioner ... I can't understand why ...

Anonymous said...


Bit off topic but there is another person walking around the borough of Wilson and parts of Easton looking to fill Michael Koury's spot...Rhonda Elias..she was at my house yesterday wanting a signature.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Really? I am surprised there are only three.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"On the Democratic side Sergio Medino of the 18th Ward is running for County Commissioner"

Thanks for filling us in about that.

Anonymous said...

Can't understand how all the GOP candidates were suckered in to running. His nibs Woody controls the purse strings, or is it his wife.
All this just to try and defeat Dean Browning. Sad

Anonymous said...

Bernie....that is one heck of a funny pic to go with the story. It made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

irony... if there were 2 or 3 hard core tea baggers running, they could conceivably win. if there are 5 or 6 of them running, they will split the votes from each other and allow browning, who is extremely well funded himself, to come in 2nd or 3rd or even 4th. bad strategy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:42 AM:

What is a "tea bagger"?

Anonymous said...

Supposedly Bob Smith from Allentown may also run as a Rep.

Anonymous said...

is this the same bob smith that voted to allow allentown school district to hire a lobbyist but didn't even know he voted to allow it to happen. yeah, that's just the kind of person that we need running. he may have saved somebody's life, but he has not been anywhere near as effective in the past 18 months. he'll vote against the next school budget, but his finger prints are all over the allentown school district's failures of the past 8 years.

Anonymous said...

A "teabagger" is a sexually suggestive derogatory term used by liberals to describe the gang that cleaned their clocks in the last election and look to completely own them in the next election. Sarah Palin is who liberals have chosen as the leader of this group. She is their version of the antichrist because she carried a retarded baby to term and would serve as a dangerous anti-abortion role model in opposition to their godlessness.

Anonymous said...

great photo

Anonymous said...

Since reported here that Mazziotti petitions are being circulated he has been reported to the Fed's for possible violation of the hatch Act.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm not reporting him bc he is not circulating and has not decided to run. Petitions are being circulated and Vic will not decide until he resigns. As long as he takes no part in the circulation, he is good according to a federal att'y who enforces the Hatch Act. If you'd like to report him, go ahead.

Anonymous said...

He must publicly ask for the circulation to stop or he is in violation according to our sources. Since he is part of the Stoffa gang you give him a pass. That is your commitment to the law.

Anonymous said...

What in the World is WRONG with the THINKING of GOP Chairman Wayne Woodman having Glenn Eckart Running for L/C Controller ( With NO ACCOUNTING OR AUDITING Knowledge, Experience OR DEGREE ) and Vic Maz Running for L/C Commish and He is HIGHLY QUALIFIED and SHOULD be the ONE RUNNING for L/C Controller. Wayne's Republican Choices to Run for Office STINKS and HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED OR RESIGN as GOP CHAIRMAN !

Bernie O'Hare said...

"He must publicly ask for the circulation to stop or he is in violation according to our sources"

Your supposed sources are wrong. Mazziotti has not decided whether he is running. I have asked him many times. He will not decide until he runs. People have started circulating for him. According to the feds, this is completely proper so long as he stays out of it. Mazziotti is not going to violate the Hatch Act and your assertion that he is is spurious and contrary to what the feds themselves have to say. Call them and find ot for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50 AM;

What drives you hate?

You need professional help. Please get it!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:30 AM:

Tell me about "your source".

I have talked to the Hatch Act legal staff and I was told that "thinking about" running for office is not a violation. I am not now a candidate for public office. I will make a decision after my last day at the county, March 4th.

I am not circulating petitions and I did not ask anyone to circulate them for me.

If you know something I do not know, please share it with all of us.

Thank you.

Vic Mazziotti

Anonymous said...

I AGREE with Anon. 9:17 AM that Wayne Woodman's GOP Choices STINK. I am a LIFELONG REPUBLICAN But WILL NOT be Voting for Glenn Eckart for Controller BUT Would Vote for and SUPPORT Vic Maz for Controller but WILL NOT SUPPORT Him for Commish. The BIGGEST JOKE Out of ALL the Commish Choices is Woodman having his WIFE Lisa Scheller and Scott Ott Run. Wayne THE PUPPET MASTER will be telling his Wife Lisa S and Scott Ott WHAT TO DO and HOW TO VOTE !!! What QUALIFIES THEM TO BE A COMMISH and DO THEY GO TO THE MEETINGS ... I KNOW FOR A FACT THE ANSWER IS NO in FACT Woodman and Ott ONLY GO TO THE MEETINGS when it was the FINAL BUDGET HEARING and VOTE and Woodman's Wife Lisa S DOES NOT EVEN GO TO THE MEETINGS but WANTS TO BE ONE ... HOW SAD FOR ALL OF YOU and SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think 9:17 is probably relating a stink about the Hatch Act that happened some years back. Apparently if a person is in a 'covered' position they can not run for office. The confusion may be in that if you become aware of any activity on your behalf you must publicly insist it stop.

Certainly once the petitions are filed it will be a requirement. But if an attorney wanted to be a particular prick they could come after the individual for using petitions gathered in violation of the Act to gain a spot on the ballot.

Just a hunch at 9:17 but who knows.

I guess it is all in how you phrase the questions to the Fed's. and who is interpreting the law.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Or maybe Anon 9:17 just doesn't know what he's talking about.

Anonymous said...

As A LCRC committee person I find it reprehensible that Wayne Woodman would fiancially support any candidate, whether it be Scott Ott or his wife. HE stood before the LCRC and stated that the LCRC would not support any candidate in a primary. Although he will state that he is offering his financial support as a public citizen I don't feel he can separate himself from the LCRC leadership position and private citizen from a moral or ethical standpoint. His actions, concerning political offices, will ALWAYS be construed as that of the LCRC, even his actions as a "private" citizen. I would ask Wayne to step down from his LCRC leadership position or stop supporting any candidate for any position


Bob Smith has more integrity in his little finger than most, especially those who lack the courage to sign their name to their posts. If he chooses to run, he wins. Bob is smart enough to know that he doesn't need the job to do great things. He has demonstrated that by his act of courage in saving a troubled woman's life, at the risk of his own. He is still working hard to regain his health. When he is ready to run, for school board, or commissioner, he will win handily. And he will represent the people, not some party boss.

Chris Casey said...

First, I agree with Marc Grammes, Bob Smith has a good name and reputation in Allentown with those who actually vote in Allentown.
Second, Wayne Woodman needs to think very carefully about how far he is wiiling to go.

Why doesn't someone ask Wayne why he gave up the high life in Beverly Hills to move to Allentown and try and take over the local party. I'm curious, isn't anyone else?
Why doesn't Wayne explain it himself? I'm sure we would all like to hear it. I say we give himn a chance to come out on his terms.
I respect the right of the Tea Party to have an opinion and express it. I agree with some and disagree with some, but you have to be able to speak with credibility.
Credibility is not something you can assume, it is something you earn.
So how about Wayne give us all something to hang our hat on?

Anonymous said...

What Northampton County or Lehigh County need is men or women of integrity to be County Executive and Members of the legislative Boards. What we don't need is for mischief to stop men and women of integrity from running for the sake of rubber stamp bums and people of vested interest to keep things the same... If we do have corrupt officials ... Corruption breeds corruption and bad government.

Good people whether they provide contributions or not to elected officials should not be denied positions on Commissions or board they are duly qualified for.

I for one know that I have more general knowledge , wisdom and common sense then those currently considering running on the Democratic side ... And I fare well with those on the Republican side despite the name recognition given them by the enthusiastic owner of this blog.

I notice that this enthusiastic owner of this blog has been silent on the Allentown Hospital just like the regular media and that is way he has been silent about me.

I am not circulating petitions for any office but there is still time if I choose to do it.

The fact is I am not connected to any well funded vested group which wants to get their will promoted on these boards ... But I assure you that I am fair and honest; and that what scares the politicos and these vested group.

Currently I am busy as President of the EARN neighborhood ... As Archivist and Chair of Collections and historical intake at the Steelworkers Archives and as Regional Director of Region 7 of the National Space Society which extendsincludes Virginia, West Virginia , Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and the Cities of Washington D.C and New York city. With the same group I will chair the National Chapters of NSS at the International Space Development Conference in Huntsville Alabama in late May.

Who am I?... I am Dennis Pearson ... And I will not stop speaking on important issues that effect Allentown,Lehigh County, the Lehigh Valley, the State or the Nation or the world despite the silent treatment I have been given in some quarters

Anonymous said...

ANON 1:09PM makes some good points. Some of the GOP candidates don't seem to be highly qualified for the positions sought.

Glenn is not even slightly qualified for controller and Andy Roman as Sheriff is not credible.

The Dems have their unqualifed candidates too! The guy for DA has no real qualifications either.

Anonymous said...

As for Mazziotti and the Hatch Act: it all depneds if his position is civil service. If it is, he cannot be political, run for or hold office - period. If it is not, then he falls under what they call the "baby" Hatch Act which states if the position is funded at all with federal dollars he cannot be political, run for or hold office.

Anonymous said...