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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dent: Statement on Allentown Gas Tragedy

LV Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) today issued this statement on the natural gas explosion earlier this week that claimed the lives of five Allentown residents:

“With search efforts for those who remained unaccounted complete, the people of Allentown now know the tragic scope of this Wednesday’s natural gas explosion. Five residents of the city lost their lives in the disaster, including three generations of a family that recently arrived in our area from the Dominican Republic and an elderly couple who first moved to 13th Street in the 1960’s. Both families exemplified the hardworking and community-oriented character of today’s Allentown. My thoughts and prayers are with the Cruz and Hall families, whose loved ones will be greatly missed.

“Following the explosion, my staff and I offered our support to city, county and state officials who would lead the recovery efforts. It is clear local first responders and relief agencies were incredibly prepared for this emergency, and have conducted their response operations in an extremely thorough and professional manner. While legislative business has kept me in Washington, DC this week, I intend to visit the site upon my return to the Lehigh Valley tomorrow.

“Although individuals injured by the explosion have received necessary medical attention and families displaced by the blast have begun returning to their homes, relief efforts are far from complete. I encourage any local residents who were affected by the tragedy and require assistance with a matter involving a federal agency to contact my District Office in Bethlehem.”


Anonymous said...

Let the Dent bashing begin !

Anonymous said...

Dent Bashing begins. The dude is sick. Money spent to fight enemies around the world for corporate greed - who are not our enemies. Less money at home as America dies.

Dude that is sick.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a Major Malfunction.

Anonymous said...

He could be the greatest statesman in Lehigh Valley history by introducing legislation to repair and replace all gas, water and sewer infrastructure in the nation.

Or he can read a prepared statement.

Anonymous said...

Well Charlie, it appears you have taken one step forward and two steps back.

This week, House lawmakers overwhelmingly approved HR72 which directs its committees to review all regulations within their jurisdictions in search of ones that stifle US economic growth. Our local Dems and Reps unanimously voted in favor of the Bill.

THEN, Dems proposed a change to the Bill that would ensure HR72 uphold rules that protect children toy safety, drinking water, and food safety. Republicans Dent, Gerlach, Fitzpatrick, and Barletta voted down the measure.

Mr. Dent, how do you explain your vote? Are you putting corporate profits ahead of science based public health and safety?

Patrick McHenry said...

Dear Anon 8:57 -

Surely you know that the proposed change would have essentially gutted the bill and stopped lawmakers from looking at truly bad pieces of legislation - like the recently passed "Food Safety Bill".

That bill is another overreach by the federal government that puts onerous regulations on small farms. It should be repealed.

Anonymous said...

Partick. Thanks for your input. Maybe, maybe not.

What I am most dissatisfied with our legislatures and tea party wind bags like Palin and Bachmann are you cannot separate fact from fiction. First we heard health care was bad because of death panels and had throw mama from the train provisions. Then we were told it was too expensive, then we find out the costs of doing nothing is even worse. Then we were told it is a jobs killing bill because jobs is the most recent buz word. Then we were told Obama wants to keep cookies from kids, and the $200M day trip to Asia…all false claims meant to sway public opinion.

Now there is a claim that food safety will hurt the farmers. What is worse for farmers and the public? A bill that strengthens food safety, or repealing farm subsidies so there is some stability in the market? If my gallon milk costs a nickel more to ensure it is safe, it is still a lot cheaper than a latte.

Anyone remember the claim in the 80's that increase fuel economy requirements will kill the automotive industry?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:34,

You must remember that my cousin Comrade Patrick and the other baggers want no opposition in the march to third world status.

They long for the day when our water, our air and our food is on a par with that of Uganda and Vietnam. Then and only then will we have fulfilled the vision of our founding fathers, Jesus and Tom Jefferson.

On that glorious day, Comrade Patrick will be given a day off from the packing plant as will his 7 year old daughter and they will travel to Corporate Plaza where the Wealthiest 2% will throw candy into the crowd and explain how they thank the masses for keeping communist liberals from promoting the evil lifestyles practiced during the progressive era and thank Jesus and Tom Jefferson for a return to laize fare capitalism that allows all to live according to their abilities and allows God to determine who can afford clean water and food and who eats shit. Praise Jefferson!

Henry McPatrick

Anonymous said...

Hey dude there our no small farms. Agribusiness is where its at.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading here about Dents outrage over the NY port and import of foreign cement and how it will kill valley jobs. I just heard that Keystone awarded maintainance contract for is new plant to a Southern based company. The local company was lowballed by small change so I am told. Didn't PA give, Keystone a substantial grant to modernize their plant? Sure like to know the facts on this one.

My only stake in this is as a taxpayer. If this is true, it is unfortunate that PA investment is being used to generate revenue for an out-of-state business.