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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Steve Salvesen To Challenge Barron in Norco Controller Race

Regular readers of this blog know that I at one time admired Northampton County Controller Steve Barron. But when he began popping up at every political event in a 50-mile radius, while leaving the grunt work to his staff, a number of County officials became concerned that he was needlessly politicizing what should be an independent office. I spoke to Steve, and he promised to tone it down. Right after that, he blasted Ron Angle at a Council meeting over Gracedale, with an alphabet soup of unions behind him. "I'd rather stand with the people behind me than the person in front of me," he pandered.

That summer, Barron also tried to inject himself in a union attempt to get inside the door at T-Mobile's LV Call Center, which employs 1,400 workers. He and Allentown City Council Prez Michael D'Amore, another pro-union official, were filmed marching with union brothers and sisters onto the Roble Road property, demanding to see some VP without an appointment. When a befuddled security guard turned them away, Barron gave him this message: "Please remind him [T-Mobile VP Brueckman] that if he needs anything from Northampton or Lehigh County, we're going to remember this day and we'll make sure that it will be part of the negotiations." (You can see it all on YouTube).

This threat of official government retaliation was quickly denounced. Executive John Stoffa fired off a letter apologizing to T-Mobile, stating that Barron "does not represent the Executive Branch of Northampton County government. ... Please accept my apologies for any undue concern or misrepresentation that this visit may have caused." For its part, Northampton County Council adopted a resolution that "condemns and repudiates" Barron's behavior.

To this day, Barron has refused to apologize for what really amounts to extortion. Instead, he's actually expecting you to re-elect him.

Thankfully, you have a choice. Long-time Hanover Township Supervisor Steve Salvesen is running to restore the Controller's office as an independent financial watch dog, not an extension of any political party or union. Below is his curriculum vitae

√ Married, wife Helen. One (1) son, Andrew.

√ Resides in Hanover Township.

√ B.S. in Marketing, Minor in Engineering, Pace University, NYC.

√ M.B.A.&P. Masters in Business Administration & Policy from, C.C.N.Y., Baruch College (City College Of New York).

√ Completed all credits necessary for PhD, except oral dissertation, in Economics.

√ Retired from Ingersoll-Rand.

√ Served four (4) years as Trustee in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Trustee is similar to supervisor.

√ Completing twenty eighth (28) year of service on the Board of Hanover Township. Served seventeen (17) years as Chairman.

√ Served as Executive Director of the Bethlehem Authority.

√ Served as Township Manager in Upper Nazareth Township.

√ Director of the Moravian Historical Society, Finance Committee.

√ Trustee, Advent Moravian Church, Budget Committee.

√ Director, Silver Creek Country Club, Secretary & Chairman of Long Range Planning & Finance.

√ Member of LVIP Board of Directors.

√ Served on the Hanover Township Planning Commission.

√ Served as Slatington's Borough Manager.

Contributions can be made to: Friends to Elect Stephen Salvesen, P.O. Box 20904, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-0904.


Anonymous said...

This guy must be like 90 years old. He doesn't even compare to Mr. Barron in experience and ability.

Are the Republicans serious or are they just trying to save face.

A cake walk for Steve Barron!

Bernie O'Hare said...

In experience and ability, Salvesen has Barron beat. In common sense and wisdom, he kills Barron. Dream on.

Anonymous said...

Just got in. Glad to see there is a real fiscal guy running for Controller. Hope he has the cash to get the word out on the current office holder.


Anonymous said...

wasn't he pushed out at the bethlehem authority?

Anonymous said...

Salvesen can't hold onto a job. Whether its Upper Nazareth Township, Birdsboro Borough or Slatington, his tenure is measured in months, not years.

In this race, probably writing in your neighbor will make you feel better than voting for either of these guys.

Jordan I from Wilson said...

Let me be the first to write: "Bye, bye Barron!"

brenda said...

ANother person retired collecting a pension who finds the need to double dip and remove a job from someone who needs it.

Barron should go, but this is not the answer.

Almost 40% of welfare is being collected by young folks who cant find a job

brenda said...

I also think we need legislation on this matter. Home rule means no one can hold 2 elected seats in the county...Angle had to give up one of his.

The whole business of double dipping needs to be changed. Barron is a double dipper too, Salvsen may not be, but should seriously hang it up.

I count a double dipper to be one pig slurping out of more than one public trough.

Sorry Bernie, this means Stoffa too. I agree with his agenda, but this has to stop. Cops do it all the time as well. We need laws to prohibit this.

Anonymous said...

I have observed Mr. Salveson for years in his position on the HT board. He is smart, experienced professionally and politically and he is a pretty good choice in my opinion. He is not "90 years old", either, but as Ronald Reagan said, he "will not make an issue of his opponent's lack of experience..."


Bernie O'Hare said...

I cover HT for the BP, have become familiar with Mr. Salvesen, and find him highly intelligent, charming, and extremely well spoken. He will be a very formibdable candidate, and I see that Barron's crew is already taking him lightly. Good.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! We should be so lucky as to have a guy with this resume wanting to serve. I'm ready to elect him by voice vote. Does Barron even have a high school diploma? His grasp of the Queen's English indicates a lot of remedial work.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ 6:26...Steves handlers should send him to Ron Angle's school of English.

Anonymous said...

As long as Barron knows his numbers that's all that counts.
He is not afraid to stand up for what he belives in.
All the rest is bull sh--

Anonymous said...

O'Hare is angry because Barron cares about people. I don't see you attacking Grucela or Heckman. I heard they were at a County Council meeting screaming at Council for selling Gracedale. You should ask around before you attack people O'Hare.

Don't play favorites. Steve has been the most learned voice on Gracedale matters.

Anonymous said...

'Is Steve in ?" "nope...sorry ." 'Know when he might be ?" "No sorry..he might be at home or teaching or unionizinz...but you can get him on his cell phone..." thanks click!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Barron cares about himself. He pandered to unions at a County Council meeting and was needlessly inflammatory. Instead of doing his job, he plays politics.

Grucela and Heckman both addressed County Council and favor keeping Gracedale in County hands. Both of them were very respectful and I have nothing but the highest regard for them both.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:45, Don't let me stop you Democrats from killing each other. I do however endorse facts. I want Graceale sold. I think it is the right thing to do.

However as someone who wants the facts, I must take exception to your comments. I was at the meeting and I don't recall either of the people you mention as screaming anything.

In fact while I don't support their position, I wished more of the people who scream and yell would take a few cues.

As I stated I still want Gracedale sold, but I will admit they both said things that I found interesting about the Counties responsibility.

I don't think anyone on Council or in the audience was offended.

But hey as I said before, you Dem's love to tear each other to shreds so don't let me stop you. Even my love of facts can't stop my enjoyment of that activity.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They were both gentlemen who spoke eloquently and who probably had much more impact than those who think cat calls are the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

Barron supporters are showing themselves to be class less idiots. Please advise of any help Mr. Salvesen needs.

Marc Grammes said...

Why did he leave as Borough Manager of Slatington, my hometown? Seems like he left the job before he even started.

Anonymous said...

Barron sees himself as the next Callahan. He sees himself as the heir apparent to the "Democratic Machine".

Just what the county needs another Callahan or lite version of one.

Barron disgraced his office when he forced the County Executive and the County Council to apologize for his behavior. I don't think that has ever happend before.

I know Dem's whpo will help Mr. Salvesen because of this. Aslo Salvesen actually has the qualifications for the job. Barron is a pol looking for a job.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should spend more time in his office and less roaming the government center halls.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure, the next controller will be named "Steve"

Anonymous said...

Was this the "put da baby in ma belly" guy?

Bernie O'Hare said...