Monday, October 20, 2008

One More Reason Why Democrats Should Support Charlie Dent

Most Democrats agree that LV Congressional contender Siobhan "Sam" Bennett is a lightweight, at least when standing next to incumbent Charlie Dent. The Express Times, which endorsed Dent on Sunday, notes he "has become authoritative on several issues because he's invested time and effort, such as traveling overseas and investigating alternative energy technology." Some Dems will privately acknowledge this, but plan on voting for Bennett anyway. The argument? A heavily Democratic Congress will enable Barack Obama to push his agenda.

Here's my counterpoint. According to no less an authority than Speaker Pelosi, Dem will increase their majority this November to 250 members. So there's no real justification for pulling the straight party lever to back a candidate whose campaign has been riddled with, among other things, recklessly false statements about the financial stability of two local banks. It makes more sense to put a thinker in office.

Currently, Democrats account for 233 of the House's 435 voting members.


Anonymous said...

And what significant record does Charles W. Dent have to be proud of? Oh yeah, he supported George W. Bush with his agenda. Way to go Chuckie!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Actually, According to Congressional Quarterly, 7/28/08, Dent supports the Bush agenda just 60% of the time. Arlen Specter, known for his independence, supported Bush 79% of the time.

An therein lies the difference between those who support Bennett and those who do not. Some of us are a little more concerned about these little things called facts.

I have cited a respected source that analyzes 2,646 roll call votes. You cite nothing.

But this argument is not for the lever pullers - it's for people who can think.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

I like "None of the above". Governor Jesse Ventura proposed that voting option a few months ago.

I wonder how that would fair in the district?

But c;ean the slate may bounce Dent regardless of facts.

BTW Spector just 19% more voted with W's agenda. Both the majority. And they our the BEST the GOP has to offer PA right now.

On that thought, let me kneel at my porclin seat.

I say write in the word "neither" if enough do this vote it will send a large message!

Just be glad you have Dent and not Lou Barletta in the 11th. I hear there will be midnight showings of "Birth of a Nation" in Hazelton if he wins.

No doubt the piano player will not be a latino! Look for a employee of Geno's in Philly.

Glenn said...

I'm not sure people realize that... Congressman Dent intially rejected $700 billion Wall Street bailout on Sept 29th.

“I spent this past week meeting with experts, other members of Congress and the Administration to discuss the details of this legislation. I also sought counsel from our local community bankers and listened to my constituents. I heard good arguments for and against this legislation, but ultimately determined that this package was not something I could support."

Are many of you also aware the Congress was under pressure.. almost forced to vote for the bailout?
Rep. Brad Sherman Martial Law

The entire floor speech can be found in the right hand panel (related videos): Congressman Brad Sherman: Martial Law if We Voted No [1] thru [3)

Therefore, I would be really careful (with my vote) on who should be tossed out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Glenn, No question that the original bill, which was flawed, was jammed down Congress' throat with no time and plenty of fear mongering. That bill contained just the "Paulsen plan," i.e. I give you $1,000 for all the crap in your garage that you no longer want.

The bill that was passed has an additional option, the "stock injection" plan, i.e. I give you $1,000 and now I own a part of your home and have some say in how you are running things.

The bill that was passed alaso increases the FDIC limit on deposits, making people less likely to start a bank run. It's a better bill.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I deleted a comment posted by Red Hill whatever. it contains no personal attack, but he has alreasdy established himself as a trroll and is not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

why do you guys maintain the fiction that "the best man always wins"?

it has never been true, and won't be this cycle either. what does happen is that the "right" candidate usually does win. and by "right" i mean the one most appropriate to today's circumstances, the one most in tune with the electorate, the one who blends in with the course of history.

that dent is so competent or that bennett may be a "flake" enters into it only a little.

tinkerbell said...

any candidate who treks thru a never-ending halloween...sry..."harvest" parade (god forbid i offend someone) in sub-artic temperatures to personally hand candy to my child has my vote

Anonymous said...

It was interesting all the GOP members that got onboard with the bailout when the pork was added.

Think about it people, the same bill that failed eventully passed. Many of the taxpayer protections were in the original bill. Granted a little more detail was added, however the final bill is still a living document.

As the stock market tanked while party politics was in play, you would think they would have focused all their energy on the original intent of the bill. NO, they could not stomach the bill without the pork. Funny how those in the House that were initially against the bill suddenly was for it after the portk was added.

What came for the original intent of the bill or the Pork?

Nice to see Nascar is getting a race track while people loose their homes.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 8:21,

I realize that you're into fact-free campaigning, but the bill passed is much different than the bill that failed, and if you read the comments above, you'd see that.

The bill that passed contains a stock injection option, which most economists believe is the way to go. The bill that passed also contains protections for deposits at local banks.

But don't let the facts get in the way of another bullshit argument.

Anonymous said...

Actually with the polls going the way they are, it is very possible Dent could go down. The National GOP is already talking about the number of seats they expect to lose.
Dent is in a swing district and if the Democratic wind is as strong as it will probably be it may blow Bennet in the door.
If she wins it will be by a small amount but she will still win.
Even if she loses it will be a slim amount. She will then declare herself a major political force and run for another office.
I still have not figured out how so many people keep pushing someone who has lost every race she has ever been in.

lighthouse said...

While I support Dent, considering the choice, I was not happy to receive in the mail today an "OFFICIAL BUSINESS" postcard "prepared, published, and mailed at taxpayer expense...provided as a service to 15th Congressional District constituents" from Congressman Dent letting me know how tough he is on the US-Mexico issue hot a year ago, but really is only a "paid by the taxpayer" campaign piece to whip up the "base", or otherwise tap into the GOP fear politics. This is all the more blatant a misuse of the franking privilege during a campaign season since its not something recently discussed in Washington to justify this bit of "constituent service" right before election day.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I'm a bit surprised. Although Congressmen do have a franking privilege and are allowed to send mass mailings, they are not permitted to do so for 90 days before an election. They are also not permitted to target that mail to a specific party.

I'll look into it.

lighthouse said...

I had written him some time back (spring 2006 or 2007?) when it was a hot issue, and I got caught up in it. Today's postcard begins:

Dear Neighbor,
knowing of your support for policies that enhance border security an immigration enforcement, I would like to share with you some of my efforts to safegaurd our borders and bolster our national security......"

I received this today (10/20/08). The election is two weeks away, and it has not been a "current issue" to justify franking privileges. I like him, but this was a misuse of our tax money in my opinion.

Bernie O'Hare said...

If it is part of a mass mailing, i agree. If it is a response to your specific inquiry, it's something else. I'll find out.

lighthouse said...

That is one of the reasons I like Rep. Dent, I DID get a letter back from him way back when. This was not in response to a specific inquiry, but a mass mailing targeted to those who wrote on the issue in the past. I suspect, there may be others that were sent on other topics??

Bernie O'Hare said...

If it is a mass mailing, he will be tagged. I suspect that what happened is an aberration. Perhaps mail was sent to you long ago and just discovered now. i have heard of no mass mailing after the ewnergy update.

Anonymous said...

Anonn 9:58

I share your questions. I have met Bennet and have formed an opinion from speaking to her and viewing a few debates.
What amazes me is the awe and reverence by which local Dem leaders speak of her. They talk as if she is a messiah, that is not appreciated by the common man. They go on about how sharp and smart she is.
Ifind her to be neither.

Anonymous said...


Today, U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) endorsed Sam Bennett for Congress to represent Pennsylvania’s 15th congressional district.

“Sam is someone who knows how to roll up her sleeves and get things done for people in her community, and she will bring that same dedication with her to Washington,” said Senator Clinton. “The Lehigh Valley needs positive solutions and real change and Sam Bennett will join the Obama-Biden team in making that happen.”

“I am so grateful to have Hillary Clinton’s support,” said Bennett. “For 35 years, she’s been a vocal advocate and leader for women and families, fighting every day to make good on what she calls the basic bargain – if you work hard and you're responsible, you deserve every opportunity to succeed.”

Bennett added, “Together, we can rescue our country from the Wall Street economic crisis with a plan that ensures aggressive oversight, keeps people in their homes, and helps taxpayers protect their retirement savings.”