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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Charles Dertinger: Norco Council Only Listens to Landed Gentry

Yesterday was probably a bad day for me to attend a Northampton County Council meeting. The Morning Call had just published my story about the council's extravagant $650 thousand in renovations to its star chamber, which failed to include a nickel to videotape or webcast council meetings. But I was among twenty-seven people, mostly county workers, who attended the first budget review. I'll tell you about that tomorrow. My story today is about what happened after that two-hour meeting.

No sooner had the meeting adjourned than Council Prez Ann McHale summoned me to the dais. She began telling me that council really, really, really wants to webcast its meetings, but there are technical problems of some sort. If this is true, why has no one on council bothered to contact IT Director Al Jordan, I asked.

McHale may have had an answer, but I never heard it because council member Charles Dertinger began unloading on me, telling McHale to ignore me and repeating his "pack of lies" claim. He got off the dais and was in my face. He also told me that since I own no real estate, council has no duty to answer my concerns.

I see.

Well, he's got me. I'm no member of the landed gentry. Maybe I should hunt foxes or something.

But last time I checked, I have the same rights as Charles Chrin, including the right to vote, and pointed it out, rather loudly. It might interest you that an elected official, and a Democrat to boot, would publicly sneer at a renter.

I don't mind the insults. I can give as good as I get. But Dertinger's blast at renters reveals a contempt for a large portion of the voting public.


Anonymous said...

Is there a story here? This is how one-party systems operate. Let Bernie eat cake.

Anonymous said...

Why does McHale always come in after the fact trying to kizz your butt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:22

Here's the headline for the story:

Charles Dertinger -- Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Again, Dertinger has no clue how "good government" should conduct itself and is not polished for his role. He is the school yard bully when it comes to Northampton County politics. He needs to be ignored and voted out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I told Dertinger yesterday, in the midst of a heated exchange, that he is a partisan hack who does not belong in government.

Anonymous said...

let's have a proud word for the landed gentry!!! as someone who has actually been on fox hunts, bernie, i can heartily recommend it as a great pasttime.

sure beats hanging around with a bunch of "burgermeisters".

bernie, let me know when you want to go along on one of the next hunts.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:11,

"Burgermeister" is a great word. I thank you for that. You'll see it again.

Thanks for inviting me to a fox hunt, but can't you just use a fox?

Anonymous said...

Bernie wrote: "It might interest you that an elected official, and a Democrat to boot, would publicly sneer at a renter... But Dertinger's blast at renters reveals a contempt for a large portion of the voting public."

Bernie -

Your comments above reveal a bias about Democrats that (unfortunately) I am sure is shared by many - that Democrats somehow care more for the average citizen (or the poor, or renters, etc).

As a Republican, I can assure you that this is not the case. In fact, in Allentown I have seen the same type of arrogance you describe in your article coming from many of our elected (democrat) representatives.

Anonymous said...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for inviting me to a fox hunt, but can't you just use a fox?


I think they are planning a drag hunt and are looking for you to do that and to also provide the scent. :-)


Anonymous said...

"partisan hack"

hey...smile when you say that

Anonymous said...

anon 1:42 is right. bernie should move beyond boilerplate liberal bromides and come to grips with the gang whose contempt for voters he so dutifully and painfully details. the way the goons on walnut street operate, there's no evidence of concern or compassion for anyone except members of afscme, employees requiring $186,000 parking spaces - and members of council themselves, of course. it's tough for unreconstructed liberals. important issues go unaddressed and a guy from the "good guy" party, whom bernie just can't bring himself to righteously lambaste, thinks council chambers are "nice" despite breathtaking cost overruns. if bernie is the "toughest" watchdog they have, they likely laugh all the way home from each meeting.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:37 & 1:42,

You are both right.

First I do tend to think of the D party as the one that favors the underdog. You are right to note it as a bias.

Second, I'm a pretty lousy watchdog, more like a fat Jack Russell Terrier. They might be laughing all the way home except for one thing - The Northampton County Bulldog. He's usually chained up, a solo vote.

But every now and then, he gets loose.

Anonymous said...

Both Boonie and Angle are irrelevant. Dertinger is going to be the top vote getter next year, and he will be laughing at you !

Bernie O'Hare said...

He wasn't laughing last night.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dertinger and McHale get a big surprise next year!