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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lehigh County Republicans Fighting ... Themselves


That's what Bill Clinton did to stop Republicans from outright world conquest when they seized both houses of Congress. It worked, too. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, Republicans are having a devil of a time trying to figure out how to respond. Are they too conservative and driving people away? Or are people running from the GOP because it no longer stands for anything?

Beats the hell out of me!

I do know this. Lehigh County Republicans are embroiled right now in a bitter fight for the soul of the party. An email war has been raging for the past several days over an attempt by some local Republicans to censure Senator Arlen Specter. Nobody's been killed, but it's getting hot and heavy, a battle between purists and bluebloods. Some of the email exchanges have been leaked to me.

Charles Snelling: "This is madness!!! Some of us have certainly lost our way. I don't know how this particular episode of craziness will end, but I do know that if we don't find ways to work together as a party, we will cease to be a party."

Scott Armstrong: "Those who refuse to act are the ones engaging in the 'self destructive behavior'. It is 'madness' to do nothing."

Charles Snelling: "I don't know how we are going to make progress if Scott and others of like mind, continue to heap calumny on everyone that doesn't hold to their very exact line, and on our hard work, in our own way, for the value system in which you claim to believe."

Scott Armstrong: "This is a deeply offensive remark and totally undeserved. I have done no such thing; I have expressed my opinion and done so respectfully. Charles, the resort to this sort of rhetoric undermines both your argument and your reputation."

Charles Snelling: "I credit myself as being a very precise user of English-language. It is my considered opinion, after rereading the e-mails, that it is certainly true that they "heap calumny" on the Sen., on me and indeed on anybody who supports him. If you wish not to be accused of this than I can only recommend that you and your associates, since my subject was plural, be more careful and courteous in your originating e-mail's. Friendship is one thing, and I respect and enjoy it. But it is not a free pass to be rude and abusive. When that happens I will respond directly, now and in the future."

Joseph Lynn: "I have heard you say in a room full of people, 'Oh, knock it off. Nobody likes me!'"

Joseph Lynn: "It seems to me enough cooler heads at meeting may keep censure resolution from going anywhere substantive."

Joe Hilliard: "The letter has been submitted. The proposed censure has been submitted. Chairman Platt is correct that this would be 'uncharted waters'. However, more and more Republicans feel that our Country is plunging into 'uncharted waters' as well as the liberal/socialist agenda is ramrodded through – with too much Republican support. Extraordinary times require extraordinary leadership."


Joe Hilliard: "The tiny minority that advocated the 'move to the Left' strategy just to win elections have also proven quite 'self-destructive' to the GOP. Those who make 'political calculations' based on polls (framed by liberal groups) have also been quite 'self-destructive'. Those who think that the base will vote for any Republican 'no matter what' have been quite self-destructive. The last two national election cycles have CLEARLY proven that when ignored, the base will not turn out."

Charles Snelling: "Joe, I really really wish that you would run for office. Run with all your purity and extremism. I've got money to wager that you would lose at least two or 3 to 1. Maybe that experiment is what is absolutely necessary to teach you a little humility and acquaint you with the realities of the body politic."

Scott Armstrong: "Unless an apology is communicated to me by Charles I will feel no need to in any way further assist the local committee and/or its local candidates."

Charles Snelling: "Bill [Platt], I think that Armstrong's offer is too good to refuse. I have nothing what so ever to apologize for and I certainly do not intend to apologize. So, Scott, please be my guest."

Unfortunately, nodody started cursing or even threatened anyone. If these were Dems, someone would be floating down the Delaware River right now.


Alan Earnshaw said...

It's kind of sad to see the (apparent) polarizing of attitudes in the Lehigh County GOP. Whatever happened to teamwork, friendly discussions, compromise, tolerance, respect for differences, and consensus-building? Has it turned into some kind of zero-sum game? Are hardliners attempting to enforce allegiance to specific ideologies as some kind of Republican litmus test? Are some members of the party simply trying to shout down those with differing views?

Anonymous said...

I love it. Both Snelling and Armstrong are two arrogant, egocentric snots. Thanks for the entry, I nearly pissed myself laughing.
Please, a Real House reality show is in order.

DemoThug said...

So Specter is out there fearing that the LC R's might censure him?

Such an act will have no effect on Arlen whatsoever. Yet the R's will get as each faction tries to club the other with a hard line.

The key to politics is recognizing which battles are worth fighting.

Keep it up, Scott and Charlie - it's even more exciting than watching Joe Long play at being a leader.

DemoThug said...


Yet the R's will get ugly and uglier as each faction tries to club the other with a hard line

Joe Hilliard said...


Why are you a Republican? Is it based on principles and philosophy of government (what you call ideology) or is it for some other vague reason? Because you grew up that way? Because you live in an area with a large Republican base? Because an elephant is a cool logo?

Republicans do not support continual tax hikes.

Republicans do not support excessive growth of government at two or more times the inflation rate.

Republicans believe that government should be limited, perform its CORE functions in the most efficient manner possible and that government should operate in a fully open, transparent manner so citizens can watch what is happening.

Your record is something different.

Do you support the drastic move to the Left that Obama/Pelosi/Reid have taken? Or should we all sip coffee and have "friendly discussions" while the country is changed drastically towards a HUGE GOVERNMENT entity?

Anonymous said...

Being a Dem I have to admit I enjoy this banter. Can't wait till the Senate race. After Specter's vote on EFCA I'm hoping Toomey drubs him in the Primary. Hell, I might even switch over to help. The right wing purists versus the commmie moderates. Gotta admit, looking forward to them self destructing.

Anonymous said...


Politics is a nasty business and it has never been more so than right now. I for one am through with the local committee and as you can see that is fine with them.
It is fine with me as well.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

Thanks for the insight into the inner workings of the LC Republican party, but I don't see the big deal here.

I see two sides in the party passionately presenting their viewpoints. At times, yes, it does focus too much on personal remarks about those in the discussion, but I would expect that a spirited discussion would occur on many issues (not just regarding Senator Specter).

I think a lot of people (particularly Dems), see disagreement on issues as unusual. Republican voters have a wide-range of viewpoints and are willing to express them, sometimes passionately. I wouldn't expect the party leadership to be any different from its voters.

Perhaps it is different from the way the Democrat party is run, since there seems to be little tolerance for opposing viewpoints within that party structure. That might have won a few elections lately, but in the long run I think it hinders real solutions.

As a Republican myself, I am glad that those in the county party are at least discussing the issues. While I am sure that the party leadership would prefer that those discussions were more private (and less personal), it's good to know that the party is still out there. At times over the last few years they have seemed almost invisible.

As a Republican, that scares me more than arguing over an issue (or issues).

In any event, thanks for sharing your account of what's going on.

Anonymous said...

This is why I left the Republican Party. If you don't pass their litmus test, you are labled a left wing, communist pinko fag. No room for centrists (like Specter).

Some have short term memory loss. We just had an election. Most people lean one way or another. A very small percentage of people are purist in ideological political thought.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. "Boss" Joe Long and the Democrats are united and ready to win elections this year. There is absolutely no infighting. Even the "nit wit" Will Power is not getting the party machine excited.

HowBoutIssues4aChange? said...

i finally see the real reason the Republicans are losing thier ground... any speach class will tell you that you should give your speach at a 4th grade english level so all people involved can comprehend it.... and from this i see that they are more concerned about how impoortant they are and how eloquently they use the english language, rather than having a clue or being able to communicate with the people. Obama won an election on a motto stolen from dora the explorer and bob the builder ... "Yes We Can" and here we have and argument over how a word that isn't used in college textbooks often is defined. way to worry about the issues.

Lady Rep said...

This is no time for, "Can't we all just get along?". The policies that are being set into place right now are chilling for the future of our country. It's not even the obvious ones. Check the fine print. Frankly, I'd rather be in a Party that questions instead of doing the lemming walk right off of the cliff. Does that make it harder for Republicans? Yes. So what? The Democratic lock-step should be no point of pride.

You should remember the battle in the Republican Party when Jubelierer and Brightbill were removed from office in the primary over the payraise. Dems kept De Veon and the whole pack in office. Good for you. Don't worry about accountability. Just stay in line.

Anonymous said...

"I love it. Both Snelling and Armstrong are two arrogant, egocentric snots. Thanks for the entry, I nearly pissed myself laughing.
Please, a Real House reality show is in order."

Anonymous, get a clue! Go ahead and take your anonymous potshots. Go ahead and call Mr. Snelling an arrogant, egocentric snob if you must, but Armstrong is role model for virtues such as modesty, humility and selfless community service. You equate strong belief in personal convictions
with arrogance and ego. You couldn't be more wrong about Armstrong.

Anonymous said...

I am a well-known "R" who feels compelled to write this post. I would like to do so under my real name, but I will write anonymously because in this case, discretion is the better part of living to fight another day.

It is my opinion that, although there have been many external factors, the final deterioration of the the L.C. Republican Party began with the hiring of Scott Armstrong as "Allentown Coordinator". Bob Lovett was politically naive and didn't understand the potential fallout from that decision.

The second nail in the coffin was the injection of Joe Hilliard in to the local scene. This is a man who has no accomplishments of his own, yet knows how to run the universe while hiding behind his computer.

Both of these men are strident, divisive, and quite frankly, obnoxious. They have driven many people away from the local Republican Party, and no one has had the courage or the leadership to "censure" them.

Armstrong and Hilliard are not alone in this indictment, there has long been a small group of mean-spirited, petty, ideologues trying to enforce their version of what it means to be a Republican, but they have in the past been somewhat muted by the "adults".

Now that the long-standing local defacto leadership is retiring and fading from the scene, there is no one to reign in these thugs from hijacking the Party.

This isn't about ideology as the bullies claim, this is about power.

Anonymous said...

Toomey might beat Specter, but with his ultra-conservative views he can't win statewide. Any democrat could beat Toomey statewide. So I do hope he wins and beats Specter. Makes it easier in November 2010.

Anonymous said...

this is about power.

yeah (burp) tell me about it (hiccup)

Bernie O'Hare said...

The disgusting post at 11:38, posted by the Villas, shows them for the vicious people they are.

Villa wants to portray DA Jim Martin as some sort of drunk. They have been doing this for years with absolutely NO EVIDENCE to back up their smears. All right assholes, where's your proof? Instead of the usual mean-spirited defamation, I want to know what evidence you have to support the proposition that the Lehigh County DA is a walking drunk. I've never seen a shred of evidence to support your charges. All I've seen is an angry couple who is not happy bc he did not personally execute the man who killed your daughter in a drunk driving accident.

Where is your fucking proof? It better be good bc I am forwarding this information to the DA and am formally asking him to file charges against you himself.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

OK asshole, we'll see how amused the authorities are at these baseless smears directed at the Lehigh County DA, which you've been doing for years.

Anonymous said...

Bernie's in love w/ DA Martin. Here's my photo proof, a picture of them snuggling together. That's Jim Martin on the left.

Broadway Jim said...

vila you (burp) thin k your funnjy but your just funy (hiccup) lookinhg

Bernie O'Hare said...

Where's your proof, Villa? It's a simple question. You've been claiming for years that martin is an out of control drunk. You repeatedly post comments here, and on your own blog, designed to portray him that way. You've been asked to supply hard proof in the form of names and dates. You won't do that bc you can't do that. Your posts about Martin are blatant lies, told to diminish him in the eyes of his community. These lies have no legitimate purpose. They are told to inconvenience, harass and annoy.

I will now be asking the Northampton County to do a little more than approve a private criminal complaint. And guess what? I actually do what I say I say I'm going to do. You've gone too far and there will be consequences.

Anonymous said...


michael molovinsky said...

bernie, it's really sad that angie "merci" villa has put herself in this position, she actually once taught at south mountain middle school! worse than her self-inflicted wound, is public servants allowing themselves to be manipulated by people so hateful.

Broadway Jim said...

burnie thanks (burp) for your lap dog loyalty butt i cant persecute vila for being smarter and funnier than you (hiccup) and that pusillanimousinous molovinsky sorry

Esq. said...

"Where is your fucking proof?" -Bernie OhMcall

Do you honestly think he'd reveal his prosecution strategy to someone as goofy as you? A disgraced ex-lawyer who is barred from practicing law because of dishonest behavior. That would be cuckoo.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Villas, You were offered an opportunity to state your case, in black and whte. You won't do that bc there is no evidence. You are just a vicious liar, and now you're trying to divert attention away from your own impotence with the usual slams at me. And you continue to engage in criminal behavior. You will pay a price for that behavior.

Anonymous said...

legitimate purpose

March 1, 2009

March 15, 2009

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see you are still too much of a coward to idewntify yourself. Amazing from someone who claims hes so courageous.

But in response to your latest, BULLSHIT. All those blogs establish is your irrational hatred of Martin. The only thing that would make you "happy" would be if he personally executed the driver of the vehicles who killed your daughter in a drunk driving accident. He has an obligation to follow the law. Your path is vengewnce.

Because you hate Martin, that gives you no legal reason to tell blatant lies about him as you have been doing everywhere you can. Your accusations serve no legitimate purpose.

Anonymous said...

... stay tuned, B.O.

Anonymous said...

[Re: March 1 and March 15]"All those blogs establish is your irrational hatred of Martin." -Bernie OhMcall

No legitimate reason to delete them from here then, is there ...

Dr. Evil Genius said...

Bernie .. um, you're not doing as well as you might think you are here. Could I, um, see you in my office immediately thank you ...

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oh you need not worry about that. I have asked you repeatedly for youre evidence, which is nonexistent. You are deliberately and repeatedly smearing the District Attorney of Lehigh County with defamatory lies you know are lies. Instead of supplyinmg legitimate purpose, you have instead established malice is what is behind your lies. And that's why they are deleted. I suspect that you had better stay tuned bc I am pursuing this.

Bernie O'Hare said...

What I see is a shameful little coward who is too cowardly to sign his name to wehat he writes. You don't look clever. You look foolish and sick. Now I've rolled around in the mud with you enough. I have people to see.

Anonymous said...

Tell Molovinsky hello ...

Very Casual Observer said...

Bernie, "The Banker" (wink wink) posts anonymously for "legitimate" reasons you never question ... double standard? Or are you, er, I mean IS HE a shameful little coward too?

Joe Hilliard said...

Anon 10:34

Let's see, I and a few others have warned continually about the real fiscal situation of Allentown while the "adults" in the GOP ignored reality.

The "adults" and "de facto leadership" have all but destroyed the local GOP.

They support Democrats like Pawlowski and Cunningham.

They have sat by while THOUSANDS of local voters have switched from Republican to Independent parties.

They have kept the local Party weak - a storefront - while the "de facto leadership" can be kingmakers.

They have sat by while Allentown is being turned into a Dem political machine - little Chicago - which will qickly dominate the entire County.

The "adults" have no concern about any principles or policies, they cut deals with Democrats and merely want to pander and win elections. Sadly, the opposite is happening and these "adults" are too ignorant to recognize reality.

These "adults" have sat by while Allentown approved an illegal police contract - which will bankrupt the city.

Thanks for the "leadership".

And you provide the answer: "This isn't about ideology, this is about power."

A sickening thought by an "adult" who probably likes pay-to-play, having politicians jump upon command, receiving cardboard checks paid for with taxpayer money, etc.

Sorry, IT IS about principles.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Jim Martin tangent much better.

Anonymous said...

I second that (yawn).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Villa, I post anonymously because I choose to. Bernie knows who I am and we've talked often behind the scenes, so I don't feel that I'm really hiding. Also, staying anon keeps my name out of your personal attacks, character assassination, threats, etc. That alone is a big benefit.

I don't make comments like yours (personal attacks, etc.) In fact I've asked you many times to get help because I fear you're falling apart and I don't want to see that happen to anyone.

Hardly the same thing as your comments.

I feel terrible about what you've gone through and have no idea how I would react if it were me. I hope I never have to find out, and if God forbid I do, then I hope it is not like you. The way you're going, your daughter's memory will be lost to everyone but you and Angie - an that is a damn shame.

Ok, now go ahead and slam away at how I'm really Bernie (wink wink, oopsie, w/ , etc.) And then please go get the help you need.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Was that "The Banker" (wink wink) or Bernie O'Hare ...

we won't know for sure until the subpoena.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Villa, I post anonymously because I choose to." -The (wink wink) Banker

Well that certainly settles it. Case closed. Very compelling argument.

Now I see why Bernie didn't name your character, "The Lawyer."

Anonymous said...

Don't know who the "anonymous" commenter is here...but I do see a signature on the two March blog posts on D.A. Martin. It's good and credible stuff Bernie, you should be on this too...ditto the Morning Call.

An Exorcist said...

Dear Mr. The Banker,

Nobody believes the anonymous posting troll. Don't even bother reasoning. I know just about as well as anybody what it feels like to have their good name marred. I don't enjoy anonymous people sending emails (not blog posts) in my name. But a day will come when they have to answer for their deeds.

In the interim, who looks more goofy: the goof or the person who tries to reason with the goof?

Keep hope alive.

Peace be with you, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

"Now I've rolled around in the mud with you enough. I have people to see." -Bernie OhMcall

a.k.a. "retreating"

Anonymous said...

"who looks more goofy: the goof or the person who tries to reason with the goof?" -Father (wink wink) Alex

I'd vote for the goofy priest. He's the goofiest. Only "topper" would be a goofy blogger masquerading as a goofy priest.

An Exorcist said...

May God bless you.

And get behind me Satan!


Anonymous said...

Satan will be back. He had "people to see" ...

An Exorcist said...

Hey Satan, now you crossed the line. You don't frighten me.

You claim that God is a fairy tale? Did you educate your children in the Catholic faith? Do you claim to love God on your blogger's page?

Do you hold anything sacred? I guess not. You claim to love God, but you don't show it in love of your neighbor or even yourself!

I expect to get grief by most people. But when you allege or joke about sexual misconducts, claim blasphemy towards priests, seminarians, and/or other Christains; being cordial is finished.

We don't have to be beat-up and take it by the likes of you. Alledging that we are pedophiles is off base. Some of the biggest professions, as of fact, that molest children hit very close to your home.

When you spew venom from your mouth be very careful. I would hate to see you posion yourself.

I don't want to get ugly and point out all of your wrong-doings and hypocrisy. So don't force me to do so. I choose much more civil means to save a soul.

If you want to be an asshole, you proved your self worthy. Now please redeem yourself for the sake of yourself and more importantly your family.

Get behind me Satan! May the power of Christ compel you! ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

Thank you, so much, Father.

Now don't let the crucifix hit you on the ass on your way out.

Hayshaken said...

I'm sorry but that "Alex" is nutz. And now he's turned into a bully too. I can't believe that God is too happy w/ him ...

Fly in the Hall said...

"Alex" (wink wink)

who's diverting attention now, B.O.?

An Exorcist said...

Good, good. Keep mocking me. I probably was the only person that was in your corner. Keep on demostrating exactly what you are.

I think it is time that you make up some new psuedo-anonymous names. These names aren't fooling anyone.

Peace, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

Father Alex, remember what you told me -

"Who looks more goofy: the goof or the person who tries to reason with the goof?"

That's pretty good advice, I thank you for it.

The Banker

Politically Neutered said...

These names aren't fooling anyone:

* Bernie O'Hare
* Mike Molovinsky
* The Banker
* Father Alex
* Glenn Kranzley
* Jim Martin

An Exorcist said...

That's my vocation. To look goofy. That's why we dress different. To signify our death to society and to show how much we strive to help others.

If I don't feel the heat, that means I am not over the target. I fear no man. But I fear God.

I took a vow to help all people (Christians or otherwise); not just the ones that seek help, but the ones who slap you in the face.

I hope you had and have fun picking on a person that would like to help you.


But back to the Republicans, Mayor Ed's alledged cooking of the financial books for Allentown, and my favorite: kicking out those vendors from the Allentown Municipal Golf Course. I wonder if my vote counts for anything?

Peace, ~~Alex

Concerned Citizen said...

Readers, ask yourselves...

what real "priest" or "banker" would assume devoted ally position on the front line for O'Hare while he's off "seeing people?"

Strains believability, dont'cha think?

Anonymous said...


That new image on your home page where your photo is supposed to be is the scariest one yet.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

(oopsie) forgot the foto caption:

Butt Plug (Large).

Anonymous said...

Father Alex, "Mea Culpa."

Anonymous said...

For the first time I post anonymously, rather than under blogger identity.

This discussion has sadly been like slowing down to view a multi-car accident, first the Republicans, followed by the Villa rubber-necker.

I guess the bar room brawl picture with this post is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 4:24, what a "shameful little coward" you are :)

Anonymous said...

Molovinsky (a.k.a. anon 4:24) always uses that "car accident you can't turn away from" analogy ... an especially nice choice of words, considering the Villas tragic loss.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34 wrote:

Armstrong and Hilliard are not alone in this indictment, there has long been a small group of mean-spirited, petty, ideologues trying to enforce their version of what it means to be a Republican, but they have in the past been somewhat muted by the "adults".

Anon 10:34 -

Thanks for the background. Your account is very interesting. Some questions though:

How many are in Armstrong and Hilliard's group?
Can you provide some other names as well?
What is the power that they seek (i.e. are they looking for money)?
How do we get rid of them?

Anonymous said...

[Sound Effect] Snoring.

Anonymous said...


michael molovinsky said...

villa writes as anon 4:31

"Molovinsky (a.k.a. anon 4:24) always uses that "car accident you can't turn away from" analogy ... an especially nice choice of words, considering the Villas tragic loss."

villa, i never comment anonymously. i did recently, once, use a car accident analogy and actually regretted it afterwards because of your tragic loss. although i and everybody else still wish solace for you and your family, i have noticed that you don't even show compassion for the local bloggers who also experienced the type of tragic loss you did. you truly make the most horrendous accusations against people, sad and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

"villa writes as anon 4:31"

Please provide proof on this, Mike.

Anonymous said...


Don't know who the "anonymous" commenter is here...but I do see a signature on the two March [Villas] blog posts on D.A. Martin. It's good and credible stuff Bernie, you should be on this too...ditto the Morning Call.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Villa, Nothing you say is worth repeating anywhere. You are both disgusting liars. Neither of you hasd the courage to sign your names to these posts, which pretty much establishes you as a coward in my eyes. You were asked to supply proof, several times, that DA Jim Martin is a raging drunk. You have failed to produce that proof, essentially admitting you are liars and arguing that you're entitled to lie bc you don't like the way he handles his office. Then you proceeed to engage in character assassination against a wide array of people, from The Banker to a Seminarian to MM to Scott Armstrong. Then you presume to tell us we should be looking into what you say?? Are you out of your mind? Oops, you've already established that.

Bernie O'Hare said...

A post from Villa, in which he falsely calls himself "Kent," has been deleted. The Villas have established themselves as blatant and malicious liars. They've been unable to offer a scintilla of evidence to back up their accusations against DA Jim Martin. On another blog, they insinuated that Father Alex molests altar boys. From this point, anything they post here will be deleted. The only thing i will accept is a post from Villa himself or his wife, under their own names, answering my excellent question that deserves to be answered.

An Exorcist said...

Who's Kent? And why is he so concerned with Mike and Bill?


Mr. Molovinsky, If you noticed, I have been putting up pictures in my blogger profile of either religious or Arab-Americans. It seems you are a buff when it comes to the history of Allentown.

Can you name this Arab-American in my blogger picture with a tie to the Lehigh Valley. I loved to hear him play...

Peace, ~~Alex

michael molovinsky said...

father alex, i grew up many fans of wllie restum. here in allentown the dominant arab-american background is syrian, from the village of amir. their migration to allentown was basically about the same time as the russian jews to allentown, between 1890 and 1905, all grew up together in the 6th ward. my father counted many as his friend, as i do.

michael molovinsky said...

father alex, as you know for years willie would come home for the fair from california and bop around the fair in his signature shirts and shorts. i recall years before california he would gig in miami beach. do i pass the test?

michael molovinsky said...

post script for father alex, i'm pretty sure his mom made those shirts, if you know anybody of that generation from allentown, ask about my family

An Exorcist said...

Mr. Mike,

You pass! Wille Restum. He was Syrian. And I would get a kick watching him at the Fairgrounds for the festival. His jokes were so bad, that they were funny.

His mother made those shirts. I think some of his things are available on Ebay. He played for everyone, even Elvis. I miss him.

My father's grandparents came from Lebanon around 1908. And my mother's parents came from Greece around 1940's. My mother's family owned many well known diners in the Valley. And my father's family had many butcher's, groceries, and wholesale produce venues in pre and post Easton redevelopment.

When I get back home, I hope we can get together. My family has a lot of photos from that time period.

Distant relatives of mine had the building which is now Yocco's on Route 100. I think it was also a hot dog stand. I was a kid. All I remember is a bumble-bee as the emblem.

Anonymous said...

What was this post about?

An Exorcist said...

It was about a full moon that didn't appear. And about people that forgot to take their prescription medications.


Anonymous said...

Why was my comment deleted?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Look at my comments policy above. Your comment was an anonymous personal attack. It was also OT, but that does not seem to matter anymore on this thread.

Anonymous said...

My comment was neither a personal attack nor was it off topic. It did substantiate Mr. Villa's claims so that's why you deleted it. You're a liar.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bullshit. Your OT anonymous attack, directed at Mr. Martin, was merely a repetition of the same claims made by Villa, claims that have absolutely no factual basis. Where are the facts? You supplied none of them. it was just an anonymous snark and, as such, it was deleted. If you have somethbing positive to contribute, do so. If not, don't expect me to tolerate more libel.

Alan Earnshaw said...


Although this comment thread is thousands of miles from where it started, I'll attempt to answer your question.

Why am I a Republican? Simply because the Republican party, its platform, and (most of) its candidates resonate more with me than any other party's. Am I a lockstep Republican? No. I have voted for Democrats and Independents when their positions were more aligned with mine than the Republican candidate's, and I do not agree with all the planks in the party's platform.

Although you have listed some of the traditional Republican values that matter to you, you have omitted dozens of others, many of which appeal greatly to me. Here are just a few examples, all taken from the 2008 Republican Party Platform (http://www.gop.com/2008Platform/):

- "We support English as the official language in our nation, while welcoming the ethnic diversity in the United States and the territories, including language."
- "The long term solution for many of Washington’s problems is structural. Congress must respect the limits imposed upon it by the Tenth Amendment"
- "Judicial activism is a grave threat to the rule of law because unaccountable federal judges are usurping democracy, ignoring the Constitution and its separation of powers, and imposing their personal opinions upon the public. This must stop."
- "All workers should have portability in their pension plans and their health insurance, giving them greater job mobility, financial independence, and security."
- "We affirm both the right of individuals to voluntarily participate in labor organizations and bargain collectively and the right of states to enact Right-to-Work laws. But the nation’s labor laws, to a large extent formed out of conflicts several generations ago, should be modernized to make it easier for employers and employees to plan, execute, and profit together."
- "increasing our American energy supply and decreasing the long term demand for oil"
- "Republicans will pursue dramatic increases in the use of all forms of safe, affordable, reliable – and clean – nuclear power."
- "a commitment to protecting the environment and the opportunities it offers"
- "Government at all levels should protect private property rights by cooperating with landowners’ efforts and providing incentives to protect fragile environments, endangered species, and maintain the natural beauty of America."
- "Families and health care providers are the key to real [health care] reform, not lawyers and bureaucrats. To empower families, we must make insurance more affordable and more secure, and give employees the option of owning coverage that is not tied to their job. Patients should not have to worry about losing their insurance. Insurance companies should have to worry about losing patients’ business."
- "Education is a parental right, a state and local responsibility, and a national strategic interest."
- "We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life."
- "Republicans recognize the importance of having in the home a father and a mother who are married. The two-parent family still provides the best environment of stability, discipline, responsibility, and character."

The Republican Party has a rich platform, and I enjoy the breadth of ideas and policies it advocates. You seem to be most (or perhaps only) concerned with a very limited subset of Republican values. As much as I enjoy listening to a well-played drum solo, I am glad that the Republican party has chosen to include enough instruments to play a symphony.

An Exorcist said...

"We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life."

Mr. Earnshaw,

Would you join me in asking that Michael Steele step down from his position in representing Republicans? He does NOT keep this same ideal as cited above from you posting. We as Catholics, Pro-Lifers, and Republicans are calling for his removal from this party do to his confusing and back pedalling stance in this regard.

~~Alex Joseph

Joe Hilliard said...


So you are a Big Government Republican (excessive growth of government spending and increasing taxes)?

That is a contradiction in terms.

This philosophy is not a "subset" of Party Principles - it is the core and foundation.

michael molovinsky said...

esq.said. aka villa, another day, another spamming starts by the villa's. sad for the readers, even sadder for the taxpayers. our community development director, joyce marin, actually listens to this moron give reports on mayfair and other topics

Anonymous said...

Villa, exactly what you were told would happen many times has in fact happened.

Your conduct alienates everyone (including innocent bystanders). As a result, no one cares what you have to say. So even if Martin were guilty of everything you have alleged (and I stress the "if"), the way you have acted has reduced and in some cases eliminated the amount of discussion and investigation, not increased it.

michael molovinsky said...

kent aka villa. villa, i have no vendetta against pawlowski or heydt, as both "beat" me. do you think a third party candidate like myself, who solicited no contributions, would have a vendetta for losing an election for which my motive was only to make a statement about changes needed for allentown's survival? vendettas and threatened broken jaws are your trademarks, not mine. you have distorted my image far too much not to pay a toll, it will be a busy year for your lawyer.

Bill Leiner Jr. said...

I have never experienced the melt down of a major political party as we are witnessing in the Republican Party. It is remarkable. They clearly have lost there way veering ever more to the right. Listen to their right wing growl machine on our local Clear Channel network. It is disgusting. They spread lies, distort reality, and incite anti American emotion. Many people who listen to these nonsense purveyors listen for entertainment and what these clowns will say next. Unfortunately, there is a minority of people who listen to this irresponsible right wing rancor/scold who actually believe the nonsense of Rush, Savage, and other oddballs on AM radio. I listen for the entertainment and weather reports. I do believe the Republican Party will re emerge in better shape than it is currently. As a former Republican (when I was young and dumb and now with no interest in their current extremism) they will survive. They need a giant national and local enema to clear out the waste in their party, namely the crazy radio folks, the cut tax forever crowd, and the war mongers. Best wishes GOP.

Bernie O'Hare said...


You were an R? No wonder Browning likes you so much. Just don't eat anything he gives you. That's one of their dirty tricks. Next thing you know there will be a pod next to your bed.

Anonymous said...

this is about power. and falling out of power. hard. on one's fat crony ass.

yeah (burp) tell me about it (hiccup)

Joseph Lynn said...

Dear Bernie O’Hare

As a participant in the “Republican E-mail War,” I originally cringed when I heard our discussion had been leaked. I visited your blog for the first time to read of our disagreements. I got a hearty laugh! The art work and your comments comparing a like dispute among our opponents are funny. Nonetheless, more than the humor in your article heartens me.

Passionate disagreements among people regarding politics are common and expected. The fact that my colleagues ranted at each other proves they sincerely care about finding the best solutions to problems in our society via government - or lack of government. Republicans are not a group to fawn over a central figurehead of a party who espouses platitudes. No participants in the debate showed the fawning propensity of our opponents to passively bathe in a shower of spoon fed propaganda from an obsequious media. None of the Republican participants were deceived by an ostensibly “historic” presidential election that masks the lack of an understanding of the problems that face our nation. So we fought? Crashed, and burned?

The phoenix is now rising from the ashes!

When the party in power in Washington soon runs out of credibility by blaming every problem on George W. Bush, people will get wise to the current administration’s toxicity to the American Spirit. This little Republican spat in Lehigh County – barely a ripple in the national political scene - will be known in history as a trenchant exuberance of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in our Republic. Yes, we Americans shall overcome! Government of the people, by the people and for the people is alive and well, thanks to my friends in the Lehigh County Republican Party who show how much they care!

Thank you, Mr. O’Hare. I could not have fashioned a better public relations tool for the Republican Party if I had tried!

Joseph Lynn

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank you, Mr. Lynn. It's like a pendelum. Right now, it's swinging to the left. Before we know it, it will be swinging right. And so on.

I think it's the people in the center who keeps things together. It's the people on the ends of that pendulum who keep the center from becoming complacent or corrupt.

Take care.