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Monday, March 16, 2009

State Rep. Lamont McClure?

Popular State Rep. Craig Dally is an odds on favorite for one of three Northampton County judicial vacancies. If he wins, his house seat will be open. Though most of Craig's district consists of slate belt communities, a small portion is located in Bethlehem Township. Lamont McClure, a Northampton County Council member, just happens to live inside that tiny sliver.

I'm told McClure is already eyeing the land of midnight payraises.


Anonymous said...

His experience on County Council would be an asset to Harrisburg. He is the most intelligent member oc County Council. He embodies the moral soul of the District and the County Council.

Anonymous said...

McClure would make a great Rep I have worked with him on several projects for our community and have found him to be friendly very helpful and a strong advocate for our local causes. I hope this is true.

Anonymous said...

That piece of district might go away in 2010 when the Democrats re-gerrymander that piece of Republican turf!

Anonymous said...

He couldn't carry Dally's jock and will be rejected by a district that doesn't like the shit stain he's already left on Walnut Street.

This monumental failure at the county level should not be permitted to use the same toxic politics to torture a wider swath of taxpayers.

Rendell, McClure, Long, = all the same.

lighthouse said...

Considering that he barely beat an opponent who barely spent any money the last time around, and was rejected the run before that, I have to wonder what "base" he thinks he has to justify running as a Democrat in a legislative district that has been held by a popular Republican.

If it is true, I guess it would explain the increased exposure in the papers the past few months.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a race here, but maybe Dems best chance.

Not so casual observer said...

"He embodies the moral soul of teh District and the County Council"
If that is true God help Northampton COunty!

Anonymous said...

I have always liked Dally but let us not forget he only became a Republican to run for his seat before that he was a Democrat.
Dally and McClure are much alike in their views on taxes and spending McClure has not voted for any of the spending measure at the County level and would continue that as a Representative.
If we have to give up Dally I'd vote for Mcclure.

Lady Rep said...

Dally's success is that he isn't an ego-based partisan. McClure doesn't have the demeanor to be a good State Rep. Surely there must be other "talent" out there.

Anonymous said...

McClure would get killed in that District. My God, it is set-up for a Republican. Maybe, just maybe, a Democrat with a good upCounty name could pull it off but I doubt it.

They would get no serious money and would have to self-fund.

I would like McClure to run only to hear the excuses when he goes down faster than the Titanic.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting race. Winnable, but very difficult.