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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

APD: Beware of Suspicious Contractors

My thanks to Kim Beitler for sharing this recent Allentown Police Department advisory:

Over the last several weeks, the Allentown Police Department has been advised of several residential burglaries that have taken place where no force was used to enter the residence. A common theme has developed.

A door to door contractor arrives at a residence asking to inspect a chimney, water pipes, driveway or other location in or around the house.

The contractor offers a very reasonable price to provide an estimate and/or work. While the contractor is in the house, either the contractor or an accomplice distracts the homeowner, and opens a window or door that may be normally kept locked.

At a later time, it is believed either the contractor or the accomplice returns and removes items from the home.

The contractors may be operating vans and/or pick up trucks that have New York, New Jersey or Maryland License plates.

The Allentown Police Department is recommending that you do not allow anyone that you do not know, or whom you did not call; to enter your home for any type of inspection.

If anyone has any information about this type of activity, they are asked to call the Allentown Police Department Crime Tip Line at 610-439-5911, or the Criminal Investigations Division at 610-437-7721.
Update: QCD also has a report.


Bryan said...

I can see what's going to happen now. Some nutjob is going to read this and wait. This fake contractor arrives he lets them in and lets them unlock a door/window. The person sits up that night waiting for the burglar to arrive and beats the hell out of him. I don't advise this course of action but I could see it happening.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Geez, Bryan, I sure hope not.

Anonymous said...

Starting in July, Contractors in PA must register. Here is a web link to the Attorney General's Office;