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Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Push Poll Being Used to Taint Scissorhands Severson's Potential Jurors?

Political consultant Tom Severson, aka Scissorhands Severson, is supposedly semi-retired, enjoying the good life somewhere in Arizona. But he still faces an assortment of criminal charges after disrupting a Wind Gap funeral mass with taunts and threats directed at Northampton County Council member.

According to former Northampton County council member Mary Ensslin, Severson kept putting a hand in one of his pockets during a funeral mass, saying "We're going to settle this. I'm going to stick this in you outside." Angle told a magistrate that Severson occasionally pulled two inches of what looked like a switchblade knife from his pocket. A Severson neighbor states that, after the incident was over, Severson walked up to him and bragged, "I'm a natural born killer."

Severson's trial, already delayed a few times, may have to be delayed again. Someone is trying to taint the jury pool. Amazingly, it's being done via push poll from an Easton telephone number.

Here's how it works. Voters are asked some general questions about Northampton County Executive John Stoffa and his primary opponent, Ann McHale. There's even a question about Republican challenger ** ********. So far, so good, right? But then the survey takes a strange turn and asks whether people are familiar with Ron Angle's reputation for veracity. Some claim to have been asked whether Angle had ever lied to them.

These questions, designed to portray Angle as a bum, come at a time when he seeks no countywide office. Why try to portray Angle as a liar now? If you're Scissorhands Severson and facing criminal charges, you certainly have a motive. And since his outfit is the only Easton group capable of running a poll, Severson certainly also has the opportunity.

Some say that Dem Bossman Joe Long has funded this poll. Others believe Severson has dug into his own ample pockets. Whoever is paying for it, its purpose is obvious - someone is trying to taint the jury panel. Prosecutors and judges tens to take a dim view of that kind of behavior. This may have to be investigated before Severson is tried.


Anonymous said...

or - someone is trying to tie Ron to John in the voters' minds - and a slur on Ron becomes a slur on John.

Severson is no fool - killing two birds with one stone.

I have no respect whatsoever for ANY politician who uses Severson - demonstrates a lack of regard for good government. (Are you listening Julie Harhart?)

Anonymous said...

...or this is just another Karl Rovian stunt being perpetrated by Boonie & Co. to portray Stoffa as a victim. Everyone already knows Stoffa & Angle work together, Stoffa made campaign calls for Angle, and Angle defends Stoffa. There's no news here.

Anonymous said...


Stoffa made one phone call - to someone he already knew.

Spin (err... dream) on.

Anonymous said...

JOhn Stoffa made calls from the County Executive's office to help Angle's re-election. This is prohibited by the Home Rule Charter. Stoffa if he doesn't lose might face a qua warrante action.

Anonymous said...

"JOhn Stoffa made calls from the County Executive's office to help Angle's re-election. This is prohibited by the Home Rule Charter. Stoffa if he doesn't lose might face a qua warrante action."


Bernie O'Hare said...

Unlike many other instances of campaign sleaze, this poll will likely be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Interesting conspiracy theory. Get real. This almost certainly is coming from the McHale campaign. If it is not she needs to publicly disavow it. This "poll" appears to be a follow up to the previous one. When you are behind, you need to either bring your opponent down(the low road), or yourself up(the high road).

This looks like a desperate pathetic candidate who is taking the low road. What a shame that after 10 years in office she has nothing positive to say about herself and has to resort to this crap.

Anonymous said...

Keep punching Bernie. I want to know all about every single pol who is using Cesspool Scissorhands. It's an easy way to make voting judgements on candidates: use Scissorhands and lose my vote.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the poll is probably more about the Executive race. Outside of the slatebelt Ron Angle is viewed as a negative influence. Since Stoffa has followed Angles advice and is close to him politically, the poll is probably being used to measure the impact of their association in an Executive Race.

Bernie O'Hare said...

If Severson or one of his satellite operations is running this poll, it is being done to taint the jury pool. Angle is in no county-wide race, and I doubt the state AG weill look kindly on this maneuver.