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Friday, March 06, 2009

Judge Dally's Campaign Kickoff a Big Success

Because I was at the circus (Northampton County Council) last night, I missed State Rep. Craig Dally's campaign kickoff for one of three Northampton County judicial vacancies. Fortunately for me, a lot of people who went later showed up at the circus, and they tell me the club was packed with several hundred supporters.

Craig was introduced by several people, including my own state representative, Rich Grucela. I am very proud to be represented by someone who places his personal beliefs above party loyalty. If all elected officials were like Rich, Craig and state representative Joe Brennan, things would actually be happening in the land of midnight payraises.

What qualifies Craig as a judge? After graduating from Villanova Law School, Dally has practiced law in Nazareth for 20 years, where he's a partner at Pierce & Dally, LLP. Before his election to the state house in 1996, Dally was the solicitor for the Borough of Pen Argyl, solicitor for the Zoning Hearing Boards of Wind Gap, Tatamy and Upper Nazareth Township and an Assistant Northampton County Solicitor. I can remember one time when I searched a title, plotted the description and was certain it was all wrong. Dally, who represented the owner, told me I was mistaken. Craig was right. Turns out he can plot a legal description, too, a rarity among attorneys.

In the community, Dally serves on the Board of Directors of the Nazareth YMCA, Moravian Hall Square Retirement Community, Two Rivers Health & Wellness Foundation and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.

Why is he doing this? According to Craig, "The core function of government is personal and public safety and our court system is our last defense to preserving this right. You have my promise that as Judge, I will defend that right with every fiber of my being. As Judge, I will carry out my duties in the public interest with the same level of honesty, integrity and intensity that have been the hallmark of my public and private life.”


Anonymous said...

I don't see the State Representitive to Judge connection with this guy.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to run in the 138th? The filing date is fast upon us - somebody must know something.

Dally is a good dude.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Your qquestion is a good one and i have no idea what the answer might be. I only know one person who expressed some interest, and I don't know if he is serious.

Anonymous said...

A person with a non

The candidate who was entrusted to act as Judge for five years in the trenches of custody and juvenile court, and whose decisions there was well respected, is Sam Murray.
There's your connection.
Sam Murray

Fly on the Wall said...

The judge's bid for Craig is his to lose! The Slate Belt will miss his dedicated representation and will be hard to replace!