Friday, November 06, 2020

Updated: NorCo GOP Wants 38 Erroneous Ballots to Stay That Way

Among the 75,000+ MIBs processed by NorCo elections officials, 38 were rejected for apparent technical reasons. In some cases, the voter failed to sign the ballot. Others were naked ballots, i.e. ballots that the voter forgot to place inside a secrecy envelope. Attorney Gary Asteak, representing Democrats, sought the identity of these voters so they could at least submit provisional ballots. This was opposed by Attorney Michael Snover, husband of GOP party boss Gloria Lee Snover. President Judge Michael Koury denied a request to muzzle the elections office. 

Snover has taken this matter to the Commonwealth Court. He appealed Judge Koury's denial of injunctive relief late Thursday. 

It's pretty clear county Republicans want to disenfranchise as many MIBs as they can because they are mostly going to Biden. 

Judge Koury has issued an opinion explaining his decision to allow the Elections Board to release the names and addresses of voters whose mail-in ballots (MIBs) were canceled. 

The Elections Code prohibits the early release of election "results", and the County GOP contends this disclosure violates that proscription. Democrats counter that names and addresses are just that, with no indication how a person actually voted. 

Judge Koury notes in his Opinion that Republicans seek preliminary injunctive relief, including a showing of "immediate and irreparable harm." Judge Koury concludes this is where they founder. 

"[T]he Northampton County Republican Committee would not be harmed in any way by allowing these votes to be cast by provisional ballot because they can be challenged after the election on the ground that disclosure was prohibited under the statute. In contrast, preventing these affected individuals from casting provisional ballots would constitute substantial and irreparable harm because those individuals who took a number of affirmative steps in an effort to vote in this election would have their votes invalidated without any real opportunity to cure its deficiencies." 

Judge Koury adds that the GOP failed to call a single witness to show immediate and irreparable harm. Having failed to establish this prerequisite to injunctive relief, he denied it. 

Originally published 11/6 at 12:07 am


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Isn't the election process controlled by a Democratic administration in our County? If they're calling the ballots invalid, then who is Asteak to question it?

Anonymous said...

Took Oregon four or five years to get mail-in right. PA rushed and it shows. A bipartisan commission warned about mail-in integrity problems. That being said, NorCo ran a clean vote, from all appearances, and rejected about 1,900 or 3% of ballots that were improperly submitted without the important privacy envelope. Fraud can only be proven by observing it when it occurs. If ballots in other counties were not rejected, as properly done in NorCo, and there were not bipartisan observers present, that's dirty. I'm an R who doesn't like Trump or anyone in either slimy party - least of all our county radicals on both sides. But I'll acknowledge the election in NorCo looked clean and efficient. They rejected 3%. I'd like to see the percentage of rejected ghost ballots by county. There's your opportunity for fraud with blinking lights on it. The bipartisan commission, the Inky, and NYT warned of this. What's everyone else's number? And will they be as quick, clear and forthright as NorCo to report it? They've already blown the quick part. Looking at you, incompetent Lehigh. You're either slow and stupid - or you're plain old dirty.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree withy you. The whole idea is to get legitimate votes cast.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:18, I have decided to delete you. I am critical of Lee Snover, but you crossed the line and got personal. Plus, you attack her family.