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Friday, November 02, 2018

State Theatre Had "Great" 2017

Shelley Brown (Silfies)
Easton State Theatre's Shelley Brown was at Northampton County Council's Nov. 1 meeting. I thought she was there to pick the County's pocket, but I was pleasantly surprised when she actually thanked NorCo for donations over the years. I was even happier to hear her say that, despite 24 entertainment venues in the Lehigh Valley, the State is doing well."We had a great year," she said of 2017, the State's best year since 2009. She said that 82,000 tickets were sold, placing the State among the top 200 venues in the world.

The State Theatre, she said, has 2,200 members and 250 volunteers. She gives away 3,000 tickets a year. The state also conducts a summer camp for 3,500 children.

"What you do is really great for the kids," remarked Council member Lori Vargo Heffner.

Speaking of kids, Shelley Brown is also known as Shelley Brown Silfies, and her son is Congressional candidate Tim Silfies.

She told me she is very proud of him, as she should be.


Anonymous said...

The State is great because Shelley is terrific

Anonymous said...

Theatre is gorgeous but very uncomfortable. Seats are too narrow and no leg room. Very uncomfortable. Shows are mostly lame re-runs or washed up acts. Parking is a pain. Won't go to another show there.