Monday, November 19, 2018

Morganelli to Step Down as DA

John Morganelli has decided against an eighth term as NorCo’s District Attorney. I believe he has served in that position longer than anyone in county history. Rumor is that he plans to run for judge. Although I’m sure he’d be good, I just don’t see him as happy in that role. He would be one of nine judges and barred from taking an active role in politics.

Over the past three decades, Morganelli has been the most effective DA I have ever seen. He will be nearly impossible to replace.

Statement of Northampton County District Attorney

"Twenty eight years ago, I had the honor of being elected district attorney of Northampton County. My years have been rewarding and professionally satisfying. Today, however, I am announcing that I will not seek re-election for another term as DA in 2019.

"During my tenure as district attorney, I have implemented many initiatives that have transformed the office from a part time political office to a full time career, prosecutors office. I am proud of the many achievements I have had including but not limited to the following:

* Leading the fight to make the DA a full time job
* Eliminating part time political positions and replacing them with full time career prosecutors
* Hiring an equal number of male/female prosecutors including the appointment of the first woman to serve as First Deputy District Attorney
* Hiring the county's first and second African American Assistant District Attorneys, the first Hispanic ADA and the first African American County Detective
* Creating the Northampton County Chiefs Association
* Creating Specialized Prosecution Units - Violent Crime, Domestic Violence, Juvenile, Sexual Assault, Drugs, DUI, White Collar Crime, Appellate and Grand Jury Units.
* Leading the fight for a Mental Health Court
* Revamping the Northampton County District Attorneys County Wide Drug Task Force and confiscating over $3 million dollars from drug dealers
* Impaneling Northampton County's first grand jury in 30 years to investigate unsolved murders and other crime
* Personally and Successfully prosecuting 25 first degree murder cases to verdict
* Being the first Northampton County DA to serve as President of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association

"I want to thank everyone who has worked with me in the office over the years. All of my present and former assistant district attorneys, county detectives, victims' advocates and clerical staff have always been my partners in helping keep our communities safe. Without their hard work and dedication, I could not have done this job. I also want to thank the men and women in our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies who day in and out do a tremendous job.

"I know that I will miss the challenges of this job. I feel that I have accomplished everything I set out to do and more. But there comes a time when we must move on to seek new challenges. For me that time is now. The first part of my legal career was in private practice serving my clients. The second part was my career as DA. Soon I will announce what I want to do for the remainder of my career. In the meantime, I will continue to lead this office and continue to be an outspoken advocate for victims of crime and for safe communities."


Anonymous said...

He will make a great Baby Judge, but I'm not sure his inflated ego can handle it.
He will be great listening to Domestic Relations cases and I'm sure the Northampton Court will welcome him with open arms.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see him as the next Mayor of Bethlehem!

Paul Keller said...

NorCo can be grateful to Mr. Morganelli for many years of faithful service. Best wishes to him in anything he pursues in the future.

Robert Trotner said...

One of our greatest public servants.

Anonymous said...

Blog Mentor is insane.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call choosing not to run stepping down. He's not quitting in the middle of a term, that's stepping down.

Anonymous said...

Only if you want more of the same old same old.

Anonymous said...

He has been the Mayor of Bethlehem for 6 years. Donchez does not make a move without asking John first. He is on the phone with John every day. They go vacation together every year. John told Bob who all his directors should be and Bob chose them one of which he had never met Alecia. That was a direct appointment from the County. That being said John would make a great mayor or Judge.