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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wild Never Stops Asking For Money

During his trial for political corruption, former Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski was called a "relentless fundraising machine." The apple does not fall far from the tree. His Solicitor, Susan Wild, is hounding people day and night  for money in her bid to succeed Charlie Dent in Congress. Even weekends.

He'd be so proud!

In these emails, Wild constantly claims she needs different sums by midnight or the sky will fall. Kinda' like Fed Ed.

I think  I received one fundraising email from John Morganelli, and one from Greg Edwards.

Here's some excerpts from her daily dunning. Think about what she's really all about when you vote today. .

5/14 " we’re still $889 short of what we need if we want to really get out the vote tomorrow."

5/14 "Bernie, we’re only $1,311 away from hitting our Get Out The Vote budget goal"

5/13 (Sunday) - "I know Taylor emailed yesterday. With only two days left until the primary, we have the most important effort of our campaign ahead of us right now. ... We’re only $2,007 away from hitting our goal by midnight on Monday. Can you help us out?"

5/12: (Saturday) - "Taylor emailed you earlier and we still need just 12 more donors who can give $100 TODAY to hit our goal. We cannot afford to lose this primary to a man ... ."

5/11 - "We only have a few hours left before our midnight Get Out The Vote weekend fundraising deadline, and we’re still $1,833 short of what we need."

5/10 - "we hope you got a chance to see Susan’s email yesterday. Momentum is on our side! Now, we need to build on it to launch our weekend Get Out The Vote operation and win on Tuesday! Please, pitch in today to help us raise $10,000 for our Get Out The Vote game plan >>"

5/9 - "Yesterday, our strategy session with Stephanie Schrock [Emily's List] and Ilyse Hogue [NARAL] showed that our campaign is on track to win this primary and flip our district blue in November! Momentum is on our side. That’s why shady outside groups are spending millions to support our opponent, a fake “Democrat” [The irony here is amazing. What about her shady outside groups?]

5/8 - "This is critical: this is a very close race and if we don’t turn out all of our voters, including absentee voters, our opponent, a Trump-supporting “Democrat,” will win this race. We need someone in Washington who will stand up to Trump and fight every day for working families, and Susan is that candidate."

5/7 - "We’re only $871 short. Can you help us raise that by midnight tonight?"

5/6 (Sunday) - "We know it’s the weekend, but this is important. Our team is launching a new, specialized mail program to get our message out as far and wide as possible. We’re launching this program one week out from primary day: this Tuesday. That means we need to raise another $2,000 by midnight tomorrow!"

5/5 (Saturday) "we need to raise another $2,000 by midnight tomorrow! ... Susan is running against a Trump-supporting “Democrat” who received a standing ovation at a Tea Party rally."

5/4 "This morning, we were $10,500 short of our goal. ... I’m running against a Trump supporting, anti-choice “Democrat” so the stakes are especially high."

5/4 marked "URGENT" "did you see Susan’s email? "

5/3 "Let’s stop this fake “Democrat” and win this race. Donate today"

5/1 "We just found out that Washington Republicans are dumping nearly $8 MILLION in advertisements in our area!

4/30 "we’re still about $900 short of our goal."

4/30 "If we don’t hit this goal, a Trump-supporting “Democrat” will win this race."

4/27 "The primary is just over two weeks away, and our biggest competition is a Democrat who supports Donald Trump."

4/26 "Can you chip in now to help us meet our $5,000 goal by midnight on Monday?"


Anonymous said...

Fund raising is the chief job responsibility for freshman reps. She'll be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I made two donations to Wild and never got any emails. At all.

Huck Weaver said...

I signed up for Mayor Pawloski's solicitor's campaign site and get several messages from Her every day.Running for congress must be expensive

Anonymous said...

I told you a while back I had to block her incessant emails, all of them asking for money. This was before you decided she was a liar and you soft-soaped my ire. Now apparently you agree with me: That she never stops asking for money. Why would a candidate do this over the top emailing, which insults the recipient's intelligence?

Anonymous said...

You're lucky you didn't make it to Jenny Vogt's personal email list where she sends out her own emails inviting you over to Susan's house for phone banking and donation requests.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:03, I have to see things myself.

Anonymous said...

Bernie come to Susan's Victory Party please

Bernie O'Hare said...

That should be a somber affair.

Anonymous said...

asking for money = victory