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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Is Wild Responsible For Offensive Tumblr Site?

On the right side of this story is a screen shot from  Susan Wild's cell phone that she herself sent to me yesterday. I forgot I had her number. In a  Facebook conversation, she injected herself. I took her to task for breaking her promise to John Morganelli that she would run a clean campaign. I added that she also broke her word that she would send him a list of candidate cell phone numbers so the candidates can call and concede to the winner tonight. She kept promising Morganelli she would send it, but he complained to me he never got it from her. She insisted she sent it. Knowing I am now skeptical of anything she says, she actually took a screen shot from her cellphone and forwarded it to me to prove that she did, in fact, send it. (It is on the right, but I have redacted the phone numbers).

She may very well have sent the promised list to John.But what blows me away is her disparaging address book reference for John. It is "To: MAGAnelli." (As in MakeAmericaGreatAgain-nelli)

There just happens to be a disgusting Internet site that goes by that very name (I won't link to it). It is dedicated to smearing John and distorting his positions.

Did Wild camp create it? She denies it. I think she's l-

This is the candidate who condemns "shady outside money" but met personally with two of the SuperPacs that are distorting Morganelli's record. "Women's Voices Women Vote" even sent mailers to voters telling them their names will be publicized if they fail to vote.  They refused to include a disclaimer, but one of my readers found an identical mailer sent in 2016. 

Think about that when you vote today.

John is unquestionably conservative for a Democrat. If you feel he is too conservative, I can respect that and would suggest you vote for Greg Edwards, the only real liberal running. He's smart and likable and asks the tough questions.

Let me tell you why the others should be ignored. Rick Dougherty is actually more conservative than John Morganelli. Roger Ruggles is only running to take votes away from Morganelli in Easton. Dave Clark is a wingnut whose answer to everything is a graduated income tax and the Koch Brothers.


Anonymous said...

Where is your self-professed great sense of humor? That is funny. Given JM's tweet, the MAGA notation is darn funny. Get a sense of humor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's not what i would call funny. it is childish and i am surprised a serious candidate for Congress would do it. But that is what we should expect from one of Fed Ed's acolytes.

Anonymous said...


" The ad’s claims are not supported by the facts. Wild has not been charged with covering up the Pawlowski scandal as the mailer contends. To the contrary, the lead prosecutor found her cooperative and honest.

Wild did publicly state that the city’s contract process was clean, although she also expressed an interest in weeding out city officials who may have been circumventing that process.

While Wild was instructed by Pawlowski to speak to attorneys with the Norris McLaughlin law firm, she did not award work to the group. The statement attributed to The Morning Call has never been published."

they also have a link to the mailer against Morganelli

Anonymous said...

Susan Wild may have perjured herself on the stand, because Norris McLaughlin law firm was receiving work under Wild's tenure at the city.

Anonymous said...

So Bernie, Are you going to support her when she wins?

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to vote for Greg Edwards. But I do not vote for any religious figures or any people that are overly religious.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I think John will win. She peaked too soon. But should she win, I refuse to support her. She is dishonest, a partisan, is not the “progressive “ she pretends to be, and duns people far too much. She reminds me of Fed Ed.

Anonymous said...

I love BOH's terminology. Wild doesn't lie about JM's record, she "distorts it". In other words, it's all true and she amplifies the parts that she wants voters to know. I really hope JM isn't crying as much as BOH. This is national politics, not the local courthouse good old boys club.

Now, we just need to get someone as DA that is more in tune with criminal justice reform in the US.

Anonymous said...

"This is the candidate who condemns "shady outside money"
seems Morganelli denied working with a superpac and that is taken as gospel.
but he is the same guy that started with-- these tweets are a joke--- then i wanted to wish trump well--- to the final answer of i was looking to get a job from donald trump.
so was Morganelli not completely telling the truth?
or even(get the fainting couch ready)lying?
wild is probably lying through her teeth.yet there appears to be two different standards applied.on one hand Morganelli is pure as the driven snow and on the other hand if Wild walked across the Lehigh river the complaint would be she cannot swim.

Bernie O'Hare said...

9:21, what isn’t an outright lie is a distortion

Bernie O'Hare said...

10:94, um, I have known John for 30 years and he is honest. I have seen Wild’s lies.

Anonymous said...

My already lukewarm opinion of Susan Wild has been damaged by her behavior in this primary election.

However, elections are choices, and I would never vote for either of these two R characters running for the 7th under any circumstances.

If all goes well, I will be casting my vote for Morganelli again in the general. But if all doesn't go well, I will have to be flexible and hold my nose with my non-voting hand to vote for the D, and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for whichever Dem wins. Necessary thing to do.