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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This Just In: Allentown Elects Pawlowski

Fed Ed is reportedly very humbled.


Anonymous said...

Susan Wild removed herself from the ballot to become his staff attorney too.

Anonymous said...

This is wrong. This is an attempt at voter suppression. It is a false narrative designed to hurt turnout for Ms. Wild. It should be removed immediately or reported.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Please report me.

george schaller said...

Bernie voting for it would be like one in the same as dead Ed!

This morning I seen dead edz short bus manned by the ghost voter and REpete the two boi toys leading the caravan of bus loads of migrant voters. After casting there vote the ghost voter handed out doughnuts and REpete was giving them PAC dollar store gift cards.
republican redd
humanist by design
not a party fovor

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski has an Edwards sign in his front window.

Anonymous said...

The dead rise in Atown...every election cycle and push the D..button!

Anonymous said...

You must be referring to Lady Macbeth Pawlowski lol?

Anonymous said...

ED,recently held a meeting at his house to kick off his intention for running for Mayor in 2019.
No, this is not a joke and many people attended.
He is TOTALLY delusional.

Anonymous said...

looks like you may have been correct