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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Hurri-Kane Scheduled to Start Monday

Despite a Hail Mary pass to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, seeking to invoke that tribunal's "King's Bench" powers, it appears likely that embattled AG Kathleen Kane will finally face the music on Monday. That's when her perjury trial is expected to begin. It will be the second time this Summer that a high ranking Democrat faces trial. For Chaka Fattah, it was political corruption. For Kane, it is lying to a Grand Jury.

Though Trump's campaign has finally imploded, these little incidents are bound to hurt Democrats running for state office.


jma said...

Don't underestimate her lawyer, the brilliant Dick Sprague and his team.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I dn't think his firm represents her, which is futher proof of his brilliance.

jma said...

He did represent her as recently as '15 at any rate. I haven't seen anything to indicate he's dropped her as a client, but I haven't looked very hard either, so you may be right...

Bernie O'Hare said...

He did not represent her in 2015. He did represent her in connection with a possible defamation suit against the Inky, and that was in 2014. No suit was filed. His representation of her in that matter does not make him her lawyer for everything. I have checked, and no one in Sprague's firm is representing her in the criminal case.

I suspect your comment was made for reasons completely unrelated to this topic. I am not going to let you turn this blog into a battleground in that war.